MailBox Art!

We needed a bigger mailbox, that's how this all started! When we receive packages they often were getting squished to fit inside the smaller mailbox. So I recently bought a new larger mailbox. How to decorate it? I have had decorated mailboxes for about 25 years now, it goes with the mail art I do. I thought about throwing paint on it, like abstract splashes, but in an ah-ha moment grabbed my Stencil Girl Stencils and tubes of acrylic paint. Here is a photo diary of my process. If you have any questions simply sign in with facebook, Google+, Squarespace or Twitter and comment.  

Above I used the Cascading Leaf Stencil and below you will see the

smaller cascading feathers stencil, both by Stencil Girl. 

Above you see how I used the larger kind of 'cobblestone like' stencil by Mary Beth Shaw over the top of the mailbox, that was from the August 2014 StencilGirl Stencil Club mailing. And below is the Net Stencil - one of my favorites! Farther down in the photos, I used Cecilia Swatton's Crop Circles stencil from the June 2015 Stencil Club for the back of the mailbox. 

Even though it's been really HOT here in Florida, Steven took time to make a piece of wood as an anchor and put our new mailbox up today. I'm so happy with how this came out! The best part of all was Steven coming  home and going ga-ga over it, saying how much he liked it! Thank you StencilGirl for such great products!!