more bits

Well, I must admit that I have not jumped in and created a bit of mixed media art every day. But, I have managed to do so a few times a week. Yeeha! This is very good! Let me share with you what I was able to do -and rather quickly, I might add. This morning I grabbed my watercolor crayons and a piece of watercolor paper, cut to the size of an index card. Below is my process -click on any photo for a little more detail.

I love wetting the crayons and watching the paint move & swirl. It gives me a certain thrill! When the paint had finished drying I added the rubber stamp definition (CatsLife Press), a few lines roughly drawn with a black sharpie marker, and the date. I felt so happy! 

Last week I made an additional index card, following the one I made and shared here. I gathered a few items that appealed to me and created this quickly --

And last week I also quickly put together this fabric piece, #53 out of #100 fabric pieces. The 100 day project concluded in July, but I am still working on mine! 

So, as you might be able to tell, my theme is to dive in and work quickly. It matters less about what I am making, and more about the fact that I AM making it!! DOn't hold back, please jump in! The water's fine :0)