Now there's paint in my journal!

I wanted to play without too much thought of what I was going to do in my art journal. The answer came quickly -paint! I gathered acrylic paint in tubes and a decorative paint comb. This is a favorite technique of mine. Easy, playful and usually with great results that appeal.

I did something a little different this time, I worked in paint layers. I let my first layer dry, then came back and added more pink paint. I let that dry, then when I came back to work I wanted to add yellow paint, which I smoothed on with my finger. Next I grabbed StencilGirl Stencils and used them to add texture and depth. I had one small oopsie using black Sumi ink with the stencils, but recovered. There are no mistakes, only creative recoveries! 

I made a short Animoto Video with my process photos, enjoy! 

A short process video on using acrylic paint, decorative combs, StencilGirl Stencils and rubber stamps on a page spread in my art journal.