Visual inspiration board

I'm taking an Altered Book Art Journaling course with Tammy Garcia called Novel Approach. I've only just started, but highly recommend it. I have also done Tammy's paper prompts and  ICAD challenges -so much fun!  One of the things Tammy requested we do to get started was to collect items that appealed to us and create a collage out of some of them . . . saving some things for our pages later. 

Getting in the mood for Altering my book  

by following Tammy's idea

collecting inspiration! 

I took some time over two days looking in various bins and files where I stash extra images, leftover bits of paper, magazine pages previously ripped out, old book pages, ticket stubs and other miscellaneous bits I have saved. Then today I cut 2 pieces of lightweight cardstock to the right size so I could create my visual inspiration board on this base and later be able to add it into one of the books I will be altering. I started by playing with some of the items I had chosen: 2 photos - one of Steve, one of my shoes, a scan of an Artist Trading Card I made for a swap and a copy of a collage I had done on fabric. That piece was not used, but the other 3 items made it.

Mmmm, trying out different images & placement . . . 

Changing some papers & where to put things . . . 

Below, the final arrangement after I added some watercolor with Lyra crayons . . . 

Close up  top left - a photo of my husband I turned into a sketch...

Some rubber stamping added, leftover lace . . . Yes! I had fun and feel warmed up now and ready to move on! I do need to prep one of my books, but I will get to that in the next day or so and then onto more fun things! Two of the best things about doing this is that it's an online, work at your own pace course . . . . and I'm taking Novel Approach with some of my very good art friends and we can share our work. I am sure I will meet new friends through this too and it is wonderful to be learning from someone who is as organized and inspires me as much as Tammy Garcia is and does. I can see 2016 is off to a fantastic start! 

My Visual inspiration board

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