Muse30 Prompts 1&2

Muse30 Prompt 1: PRINT

Tammy Garcia has come up with another wonderful series of Art Journal Prompts called Muse30. Please go there by clicking on the link to read more about it! They are very open-ended prompts and Tammy is encouraging us to take these prompts and run with them, wherever we may want to go! I have found (with the 2 that I have done) that the openness to interpretation has had a great effect on me. The words she has given us for prompts are like a springboard, wheee! Off I go . . . 

I wanted a small journal to work in to make this project easy and very accessible. My friend Frieda Oxenham had made me a wonderful little art journal that I had not dived into yet -hooray! It's turning out to be just right for these prompts. And since Frieda lives in Scotland & I live in Florida, I feel closer to her simply by using the journal she made me. Thank you, Frieda. It feels almost like a collaboration! Here is what this beautiful little journal looks like -click on the photos for a larger more detailed view: 

Muse30's Prompt #1 is PRINT. Remember, interpret this any way you like! For me, Print means printing with rubber stamps and specifically I was drawn to some stitching/friendship related stamps as Frieda is an award winning Art Quilter as well as a Mixed Media artist . . .  that was really fun to use them! I did not plan out what I was going to do, but took the prompt and let it lead me. 

I so enjoyed that, I dove into the next prompt, #2. The prompts will be added every few days until 30 are reached. Prompt #2 is SPACE. For me, I turned the page and thought "blank space", mmmm! And then I thought to myself, cover that space! So that's what I did.

Of course, I added rubber stamping too because I love to print! I added a leftover mask filled with painted strokes from the online class I am taking with Tammy, Novel Approach and I ended up doodling with a sparkly silver gel pen, see the difference between the 3rd photo, 1st row and the 6th photo, last row. My final thought on "space" was to remind myself, even write it down:


Good art is not what it looks like, but what it does to us.
— Roy Adzak

Thanks for stopping by! Lenna