Muse30 Prompt #3

my tuxedo penguins

the rubber stamps are mostly

by Claudia Rose :)

The third prompt for Muse30 was "Tuxedo". I love these short, one word prompts! Tammy Garcia at Daisy Yellow Art has created: Muse30 Prompts - Art Journal prompts that get you to jump into your journal. I love it! They certainly have that effect on me . . . 

I had seen a mention of a PBS program on Emperor Penguins in Antarctica called Snow Chick. :o) We watched it last night & I found it fascinating. So, it did not surprise me when the Tuxedo prompt made me think of these amazing creatures. I knew I had some penguin stamps by Claudia Rose - YES! I found them. And, I love the small journal I am creating in, it is perfect for the prompts, made for me by my talented friend, Frieda Oxenham

"You Can Fly" is by Impression Obsession 

I liked how the prompt led me to illustrating and remembering this program we watched. Tammy is always coming up with something inspirational, whether it is an online class, a set of prompts, a periscope, or the annual ICAD challenge. Check out her website,  Daisy Yellow Art

Making space {both physical + figurative} for creativity is not a guilty pleasure. Let there be zero art guilt from today forward.
— Tammy Garcia