Mystery -Muse30 prompt 7


I am following the Muse30 art journal prompts to help give me sparks of inspiration. Read more about the prompts on Daisy Yellow Art. I find them helpful to get me started . . .  almost all of the time! With this prompt of Mystery, I did not know quite what I wanted to do. So, I decided to just get started in my journal by creating a background out of a decorative paper napkin. I peeled the 2 plain layers away and was left with one very thin printed layer. I used fluid matte medium on the page, laid the paper napkin down on top of it and then brushed more matte medium on top.

With the Starfish staring me in the face, it came to me . . .  This was going to be, "The Mystery of the Missing Starfish!" I had a hankering to use some of my tiny animal stamps by Claudia Rose, I had a couple out already. Then I thought, why not stamp a whole passel of them, solving the crime :o) Some of Claudia's designs I used are available through Rubbermoon

How I started when nothing came to mind . . . 

The finished journal spread (it is tiny!)

The finished journal spread (it is tiny!)

I am slowly but surely working on these prompts, I have 3 more ahead of me just waiting to inspire. I am also slow working on the Altered Book course I am doing with Tammy through Daisy Yellow Art, but it is a work at your own pace class!! I have certainly enjoyed what I have done so far, I just have not done a lesson for a couple of weeks. I will definitely get back to it! I'm working on my photography that I recently got more into, my family takes my time (it's enjoyable!). My mom lives nearby and my husband demands my time, of course! There are my friends who I correspond with or see in person . . . and I've got charge of our two old dogs & one young cat. There's exercise and dance classes and oh! I will be teaching a class at my home studio next week -painted & stamped silk scarves! Yeeha! 

So somehow, I do not worry about "keeping up" as much as I did before. I love having prompts, goals, assignments and all of that -they spur me on! Keep me working. But maybe as I am getting older (just turned 59) I do not allow myself to worry so much about getting everything accomplished lickety split! It will happen, I say . . . and while that voice in my head is reminding me of what's next -that keeps me from forgetting the tasks. I do try to let it go if I don't get to it -worrying about it I mean. And I do feel better because of it! I am very blessed for these thoughts to be my concerns. I live a very free life, being graced to be able to make art and dance and spend time with my family & friends to my heart's content. I am so grateful.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has many - not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.
— Charles Dickens