Every day I mark the book!

The title of this post is a reference to a song by Elvis Costello, "Everyday I write the book". Sometimes I wrestle with a title for my blog posts, but I think this song must have been somewhere in the reaches of my brain . . . Have a listen here - it's a great catchy song and one of my favorites, from 1998. Some Trivia for you: Declan Patrick MacManus is the real name of Elvis Costello. My son Decklin Tisdale Foster is named after Declan MacManus/Elvis Costello! My first husband John & I simply 'Americanized' Decklin's first name for a more phonetic spelling! Decklin was born in 1981 and you may not be surprised, music is one of his passions.

But back to my pocket journal, my "book". I love that everyday I make marks in my journal. Here is my latest mark-up! 

White paint, a tiny photo from this summer . . .

I got there in these steps - 3 photos below:

After adding the white paint & making lines, I sprayed Distress Spray Stain and sprinkled walnut ink crystals, spritzing with water. After it dried I added the small photo of Steven & I on Wolfe Island this summer and started writing & doodling! I like the process of jumping in and "doing" more than anything else. So great you stopped by!  http://www.sandikeene.com/shop/pocket-journals

Good art is not what it looks like, but what it does to us.
— Roy Adzak