Every day I mark the book!

The title of this post is a reference to a song by Elvis Costello, "Everyday I write the book". Sometimes I wrestle with a title for my blog posts, but I think this song must have been somewhere in the reaches of my brain . . . Have a listen here - it's a great catchy song and one of my favorites, from 1998. Some Trivia for you: Declan Patrick MacManus is the real name of Elvis Costello. My son Decklin Tisdale Foster is named after Declan MacManus/Elvis Costello! My first husband John & I simply 'Americanized' Decklin's first name for a more phonetic spelling! Decklin was born in 1981 and you may not be surprised, music is one of his passions.

But back to my pocket journal, my "book". I love that everyday I make marks in my journal. Here is my latest mark-up! 

White paint, a tiny photo from this summer . . .

I got there in these steps - 3 photos below:

After adding the white paint & making lines, I sprayed Distress Spray Stain and sprinkled walnut ink crystals, spritzing with water. After it dried I added the small photo of Steven & I on Wolfe Island this summer and started writing & doodling! I like the process of jumping in and "doing" more than anything else. So great you stopped by! 

Good art is not what it looks like, but what it does to us.
— Roy Adzak