365 in 2018 (#2)

Well, here I am again with another installment of my 4x4 canvas boards I am doing for the 365 Somethings project 2018. If you missed the first post I wrote and the links explaining the project, go here. It is not too late to start. The goal is to make 365 "somethings" in 2018. 

I am planning on making these as I can during the week and posting them twice a week, unless that feels like too much, then I will post & share once a week! I like working on these 4x4" canvas boards  and find I'm painting more than I typically do. I like that! I did do some collage in this batch, but I am definitely enjoying how it is mixing up what art materials I reach for.

I tend to do these canvas boards in 2 steps, first a background of gesso or fiber paste or paint or coarse molding paste . . . something other than the plain canvas. Then I come back and see how they speak to me or what I might feel like adding. When I am done, some of them still look like backgrounds compared to my usual collage or art journaling, but I do like them and definitely feel they are done for now. I look at these are 4x4 pieces as experiments to play creatively with. I figure I can always return to these squares and add to them later if I think they need it. Here are the next three of my 365 Somethings/2018:

This is a challenge that feels good. It has enough flexibility that I think I can do it! 

365 pieces at the end of the year? ;o)

Note: Rita asked how I did the "water Bubbles" 4x4. My answer to her below: 

I think you are referring to the 4x4 canvas with "glass bead texture gel" from this post? I simply opened the jar of glass beads texture gel and used a foam brush to spread it over the small canvas. I put a medium amount (not thick, not thin) and spread it around trying to make sure there were beads everywhere. 

While it was still wet, I shook my bottle of London Blue Dylusions Ink spray and after testing it, tried to spray it lightly enough so it did not cover the entire small canvas. It spread a bit....

Then I let it dry, which takes at least overnight. 

That's it! Pretty easy :) 

 Dick Blick Art Supplies has it online: https://www.dickblick.com/items/00609-1025/

:) Lenna

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— Unknown, from a 1930's greeting card