347 out of 365!

I just finished #347 out of 365 “creative somethings” made during 2018. Since I last posted here a month ago, I’ve done 25 more art cards. All signs are pointing to me finishing this year long project, wow. I have never completed a 365 project before!

What was different? I was given permission and encouragement to work in batches. Like today, I did four 3x3 cards, which brings me up-to-date until Thursday. I could make more before that date arrives or a few days later, I just need to make one “something” for every day of the year. This kept the project flexible and do-able for me. Plus it made me successful, so much so that I really had very little trouble keeping up with the project. Many thanks to daisy yellow art!!

Go HERE to view additional cards since my last post.

These are 3x3 watercolor cards, small. I used Dylusions mica and shimmer sprays to create a background, then stencilled with Lumiere paint. The stencils are from Dina Wakely.

True art can only spring from the intimate linking of the serious and the playful.
— Goethe (with thanks to Frieda O!)

Yours creatively, Lenna