Yes, hello! It has been a few weeks again since I have written anything here, but I have not given up hope of continuing to post on my blog! February and March were very busy for us, with lots of visitors. We rather spend time with them, so a few things fell by the wayside. Plus, I have really gotten out of the habit of posting. So with that in mind, I will try to schedule time now to post, for the time being, and get myself back into the habit. :)

Although, I have continued working on the 365 somethings project despite other priorities - that is something I HAVE made a habit of! This is a challenge coordinated by Tammy Garcia and iHanna. The idea is you create a small piece of art that represents each day of the year = 365 somethings! You do not have to work daily and you can start anytime. I wrote a bit more about the challenge and shared a video of how I go about creating these small pieces on this page.  Eventually, there will be a Gallery of my art for this project there too. 

Above is the start of my most recent 3x3 watercolor squares for the 365 project, #107-110. Click for a larger view. I used masking tape to block out areas of the card and sponged acrylic paint on the rest of the card. Then I combed and dragged through the wet paint with a paint tool. Next, I used a brush and painted orange Dye-na-Flow on the white watercolor paper strips that did not get sponged with paint. I also used a Uniball Signo white Gel pen to doodle & draw on the orange sections. To finish them, I added a bit of Ice Stickles glitter glue. These cards are very different from my other recent 3x3's

I got the idea for masking off parts and painting the rest, from a class I used to teach where we did this on fabric. Here is the old tote bag I did, probably 20-25 years ago, that inspired me:


That is what inspired me to do this technique on my cards!

These cards are fun and definitely different! I like to try to use this challenge to get me thinking creatively-different. It is a good thing. Thanks for stopping by! 

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— Paulo Coelho