Manatees came to visit!

A visit usually starts with one of us hearing the sound of breathing from one of the manatees as it is coming up for air in the canal, and/or seeing a large circle of rings in the water in front of our dock . . . and maybe some splashing! We listen & watch to see if manatees are visiting again . . . we live on a small canal of the Braden River, in Florida. The other day all three signs were there. I knew we had visitors, and grabbed my camera with the long lens. It was worth it, I took lots of photos! After going through the photos and deleting some, I put together a 2 minute slideshow video with music, an Animoto video (my favorite!) which I will add below for you to see. If you are unfamiliar with manatees (sea cows) just follow this link for both a great photo of them swimming underwater and basic info about Florida manatees. Did you know they were related to elephants?!  

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson