morning manatees & steve

Early this morning it was raining lightly and I noticed there was a manatee swimming in our canal. I just listened and watched for a while, then decided to go and get my camera. I was not lucky enough to get a photo of a manatee lifting its head up to catch a breath this morning, but I did see one a couple of times, briefly. Last month I was able to take quite a few photos of more than one active manatee and made a video. If your interest is peaked, go here! I do have some beautiful photos of the water, below!! More about Steve follows the photos . . . . 

Steve in my Studio today!

If you've been following Steve's hip replacement last week, he's doing quite well! The stronger discomfort & pain he had after the operation has abated and he's been able to get by now with Tylenol, no problems. Yesterday he started cautiously not using his walker, being careful with his steps and holding onto things when needed. He's moving slower, but he's really getting around! There are still precautions, which he is following, but I am amazed at how much better he is five days after the operation. Hooray!! 

Just when the caterpillar thought “I am incapable of moving, it became a butterfly.
— Annette Thomas