Large & Colorful

This is what I saw yesterday in one of my front gardens . . . a very large and colorful grasshopper! 

The image on the left is a double exposure, layering 2 photos I took together.

This is an Eastern Lubber Grasshopper, wow! What amazingly bright colors and such a detailed pattern. I’ve seen this same type of grasshopper before, while living here in Florida. I looked them up online and found out they were not poisonous, but they could be toxic. You definitely do not want to pick them up! I've read lubber grasshoppers can emit a toxic spray when they feel threatened -ewww! The bright red on their wings is supposed to warn predators to stay away. 

I took the photos & short video clips I took, and made a one minute video! 
The link for it is here if you do not see it in your feed, or view it below if you are on my website. It was cool to mix the photos and the video clips together to show how these grasshoppers walk. This is a short peek at these colorful grasshoppers. 

A Lubber Grasshopper in my yard in Florida. They can be toxic, if you were to pick them up. More here: - I just find them fascinating. This one was eating some of my plants, but it was not a huge problem. - created at

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