new format for my 365 project

I started doing a 365 project in January, one that is a bit different. Participants are encouraged to work at their own pace, whether it be daily, or by doing your art projects in small batches whenever you can. That works for me! This project is called 365 Somethings 2018 - go to that link to read more about it. Note: You can start anytime and go for the next 365 days!

I started my project with small 4"x4" canvas boards and enjoyed creating 60 of them for this. After that, I decided I wanted to work a wee bit smaller, so I switched formats and made 85 - 3"x3" watercolor paper cards. After 85 cards I got the desire to work in a small journal. So far I have created on 6 pages on 4"x 7" watercolor paper. I like having the freedom with this project to mix things up and try different bases for my artwork. And since I switched to the journal, I'm doing a lot of drawing - so fun! See below. I'm enjoying the challenge of drawing.

The entire range of formats I'm doing for this project can be found, starting here on my website. That link brings you to page 1, where there is also a video a friend took showing my process when I work on a project like this. At the bottom of that page there's a link to page 2! I had to separate the art onto multiple pages so it would not take too long to load. I bet there will be at least 3 pages by the time I finish. Thanks for your interest :o) Lenna  

You will learn to enjoy the process...
and to surrender your need to control the result.
You will discover the joy of practicing your creativity.
The process, not the product, will become your focus.
— Julia Cameron