30 abstracts done! (a challenge)

The finished piece, #30 out of 30 abstracts!

I so enjoyed this challenge! I have gathered all 30 abstracts I did and created a page for them on this website. I generally shared just one picture for each day. So here in this post, I’m going to share a few more photos of my last abstract piece, #30. (size: 11x15 watercolor paper).

30 abstract 09-30 (1)sm.jpg

how i started

I used all the yummy “under paper” I work on top of, both plain paper and also paper towels that I saved. I used matte medium to attach them to the base and then added more inks on top.

I used black sumi ink with a fine tip applicator on top of (and around) the teal blue dye-na-flow paint I brushed on. All the colorful inks come from spray ink ‘leftovers’ done while working on other projects! I also tapped about 4 colors of pigment powders on some of the wet ink - that’s where some of the sheen comes from. Some close-ups below . . . Click on each one!

I offer it rather as a starting point … I want you to act on your own judgment.
— Robert Henri (The Art Spirit)

This was fun. Many thanks to Tracy Verdugo, who orchestrates this challenge.

Check out her 30 days of abstracts on Instagram! ❤ Yours creatively, Lenna