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A cool little video (i love making these things!!) of my mixed media art created at the end of April and mostly during May, 2010: ATCs, Twinchies (2"x 2"), vintage gluebook pages, a magical collaged journal, fabric tags, mail art and altered book pages! a little creative fun....

my AB came home -yay!

my AB came home -yay!, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
I was one of 10 participants in an Altered Book Round Robin starting last September, sending about once a month. In May of 2010, my book is home! Look how beautifully Susan Cervantez wrapped it up for me! The participants, who met on the ARTchix yahoo Group, sent their books around in a round robin fashion from one participant to the next until everyone had worked in all the books. It was hosted by Sallie Rodman, who I thank so much for inviting me! This was a great Round Robin.

If you click on the picture above, it will take you to my book and all of the pages that were done for me by the creative women who participated, wow! If you would like to see a slide show of these pages, go here: altered book RR: group pages.

Since this was a RR, I worked in each of the women's books that you see have worked in my book here and you can find those pages in the altered books album. All I can say is, was WHAT FUN to work in an altered book!


lenna in Renee's ANATOMY AB, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
Here is a closer look at one of my spreads in Renee Stockfleth's tiny little altered book (3.5" x 5.5") with a theme of ANATOMY. I added to the original drawing I found with water soluble pastels. I usually work with water color crayons, but my pastels had the white color stick I was looking for, and the crayons did not. The pastels are different from the crayons, more wax-like I'd say, and blend differently with water. I also used 2 other pastels in shades of brown and . . . wow! It worked out well. I was pleased with the look I created which emphasized what was already there in the drawing.

This is a Round Robin and I am sending Renee's book home to her - I am the last artist in the group to work in her book. Because of that, I had a big desire to fill up most of the pages that were left to be altered so her book would be complete when she receives it. Plus, the pages were very small, so it was not a daunting task! I left one blank spread for her to art up- Or, she can easily glue those 2 pages together and her book will be completely finished!! My book will also return home next week and I have heard along the way that it is FAB! The beginning photos of my altered book are also in the same album where you'll find all the art I have done in the other participant's altered books.... you can view a lovely slideshow of all my pages for Renee, and what I did in all the other books, here: Altered Books slideshow.

AB RR (altered book Round Robin)

small accordion book, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
I am winding up participating in a Round Robin that I was invited to join last summer. This is the ninth book I have worked in (counting my own) and it has been truly great. I have one more book to work in and then send home to it's owner. Oh! That means my book will be coming home too! Above is a page from Barbara DeLisle's "Sinful ladies" themed Book that I just worked in. Barbara wrote: "please do anything you want as long as the ladies are sinful." : ) i so love what you wrote, Barbara - and had a blast art-ing up a lot of pages in your yummy book. To view of slide show of these pages and more, just visit this link! - lenna young andrews - April 14, 2010

Altered Book exchange - Lisa's Book

vintage scanLisaR08, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
Here is a small section of one of the spreads I did in Lisa Robinson's Altered Book, a 1964 classic reader: "More Roads to Follow" . Lisa requested a Vintage Theme and this is a close-up of Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. My mom gave me a birthday card with this quote on it 2 weeks ago and it just made me smile : ).

For this exchange we only need to do one "spread" (2 facing pages) but I wanted to do more, and there was room. If you click on the photo above it will take you to my altered book album (set) on Flickr where you can look at larger individual photos + scans. To see a slide show (larger photos) of the AB pages, Go Here: Altered Books! 

For Peggy: can you see me?

4Peggy can you see me?, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
Here is a cropped portion of one of the page spreads i did in Peggy Gatto's 'In My Garden' Altered Book, part of the ABRR i am happily involved in this year. If you would like to see more of this page and others, click on the photo and it will take you to my flickr account where the rest of the photos are. if you are in the group & rather keep it a secret until it is in your hands -don't peek! lenna young andrews - February 5, 2010

Altered Book exchange -Bonnie's Book

Altered Book crop C, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
Above is a cropped portion of one of the pages i created in Bonnie Ashurst's altered book, with a theme of circles & squares, for an ABRR exchange i am participating in. I really did enjoy working in this book, Bonnie; great theme! If you click on the photo above it will take you to a few more photos of the full pages i did.

Bonnie's book was hand-made in Nepal and the pages are made from the Lokta plant. So interesting to work on! I found they really soaked the water up when I used my watercolor crayons on the pages. This handmade paper is really very strong though, and i just glued a couple of pages together so you would not see the back side of my colors running through.

I used images and papers from Helga Strauss' previous masterboard challenge - http://www.artchixstudio.com and http://myartisticlife.typepad.com/ - as well as images from http://www.alphastamps.com/. If the images did not already come in a circle or a square shape, i cut them out that way! Most of the cutting was done during an hour long car trip up to the airport to pick up my son, Dallas who is visiting now : ) Later, when we were back at the cottage, i pulled out all the images i had cut out and played with their placement on the pages until i was happy with the arrangement. Next, i drew with watercolor crayons around the shapes to accentuate the circles and squares and when the page had dried, I added a bit of Pale Gold metallic marker around the watercolor marks and also some dots on the page. The shiny dots you may be able to see are because of the clear glue I added on top of the metallic marker dots to make them more dimensional. Lastly, i added some metallic gears and tags in a circle shape.

i still enjoy working in altered books, i started in 2001 - and this group has given me a chance to play again, thank you!!
lenna young andrews - January 6th, 2010

Christy's Altered Book

crop.Christy, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Here is a cropped portion of one of the pages I did in Christy Laudig's Altered Book for our RR exchange. This is the first art I have done since . . . the middle of November, I think? wow, three weeks with no art is a long time for me!
To see the pages I did, plus Christy's Sign in page and Cover, click on the image above. This is a transparency from ARTchix Studio - in fact, one of my favorites, which i layered on top of confetti vellum. The delicious words are from ARTchix as well. Or follow this link to my altered book set to see the pages in this book and more - enjoy!
lenna young andrews - December 5th, 2009.

AB RR -altered book round robin -Gigi's Book

crop 4Gigi.1, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
Here is a small portion of my altered book spread in Gigi Lorenc-Gibson's book. Her theme is Enchantment. Gigi told us she loves shiny things, glitter and ribbon. For this altered page I used a color copy of a painting by John Singer Sargent that I think embodies enchantment. To see more, and to read a few of the details behind the altering, click on the photo above! thanks, lenna 11/11/09

ABRR -Sallie's Book

SallieBooKCrop, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

This is a small cropped portion, a part of a page I did in Sallie Rodman's Altered Book, Women of the 1910's, 20's & 30's. This Round Robin is hosted by Sallie and I was invited to join the group earlier this year. The group does not usually share photos of their work in the books before they come home, but in both books I have worked in so far, both Sue and Sallie were kind enough to say yes, feel free to add a small portion of a page I did in their books to my blog. thank you!! I truly love to add and share my art on my blog as I create it and so appreciate this. If you click on this cropped photo, you can view the rest of the pages i did if you like. The explanation for how i created the pages is there! lenna young andrews, October 23rd, 2009.

Altered Book RR - Thank you Sue!

lennaSueC.Book3crop, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

I want to thank Sue Cervantez, whose book I recently worked in for our 2009-2010 Altered Book RR. This Round Robin is hosted by Sallie Rodman and I was invited to join the group this year. Sue's book is the first book to come my way. I love to share my art and how i create it as i work, but the group had not done that in the past. So, when finishing her spreads, I asked Sue how she felt about that. She encouraged me to share my art in her book online . . . but she will not peek at it until it comes home, because she likes being surprised seeing her book stuffed with art when it returns to her!

Thank you Sue, for saying it was okay to share!! Above is a cropped portion, close-up of one of the pages i did in Sue's book. If you click on the photo it will bring you to a few more scans of my work in Sue's book and lots of description on what i did. This is the first time in a long time I have worked in an Altered Book. The very first time i altered a book was back in 2001, with a number of exchanges since, but none for about 2 years now. I am so grateful to Sallie Rodman for inviting me. Yours creatively, lenna young andrews, September 22, 2009.

AB 2009 :: Words with Color

~This is the cover of my own altered book for a RR exchange that begins in September. I will be sending it around Round Robin style for 12 other artists to work in: Sallie Rodman, Barb Malty, Barbara DeLisle, Bonnie Ashurst, Buffy Izzo, Christy Laudig, Gigi Lorenc-Gibson, Joy Meadows, Lisa Robinson, Peggy Gatto, Renee Stockfleth, and Susan Cervantez- wow! I was asked earlier this month if I would like to join in the 2nd round of this AB group and I said, 'Yes!" I believe everyone involved in this exchange met on the artchix studio yahoo group. Thanks to Sallie Rodman for hosting!

I took the opportunity of my ample free time while on vacation on Wolfe Island to work on my altered book pages and cover. I wanted to complete this project early, as things are up in the air with our home being on the market. This way, if I get busy packing (our fingers are crossed!) this project is complete and ready to send.

I painted the cover with white acrylic paint in order to cover the original photo. This is a Cookbook - Pillsbury's Creative Cooking! The theme for my book is "words" with the additional theme and use of a color combination. I have so been enjoying the Colour Groupies color combinations that I wanted to extend that theme to this book and see what combinations the participants would come up with.

I used sections of ripped lime green and gold mulberry paper (my color combo) to add color to the plain white cover. I also rubber stamped the title and added other fun stamps with both VersaCraft and StazOn inks (permanent). I had grabbed a bag of magnetic words meant for your refrigerator (where these used to be!) and choose some words to fit my theme and book. The words I picked read: With Open Mind We Make Our Way ~cool! I added them to the cover with E6000 glue.

Below, my intro and sign in page . . . I typed the important info up and then printed it out & affixed it inside the cover -click for more detail. I had fun adding a lot of lines and squiggles with various pens.

The first few pages are below - click on them for more detail . . .

On the "contents" page I listed the participants and kept with my lime green/gold color combo. I also had fun with some fish stamps made by Fred Mullett that have been in my collection for years! I added one of my favorite quotes, top right . . . .

I left one of the recipes to show, along with not obscuring the words on this page below by using a light wash of paint. I love those gyotaku (art of fish printing) stamps by Fred Mullett.

The last page shown below is entirely fabric and was glued directly to a paper page after doing the sewing, painting, gluing of paper, and beading on the piece of fabric separately. I sewed a fabric image from ARTchix Studio to the fabric base and added beads. Hmmm, ARTchix Studio does not sell fabric collage sheet images these days . . . so, I copied a transparency sheet collage image of theirs onto a piece of plain fabric with my color copier. Instructions for this are available on the ARTchix website -part of one my free classes: Transferring ARTchix images to fabric!

It is so delightful to work on an altered book again! I really look forward to this upcoming Round Robin. We will keep our work for each recipient secret until the books return home to their owners . . . so I may only show tiny cropped portions of my work, or nothing at all while this is in process. In a year (or less) I can share my book with everyone's work and all my pages in their books - enjoy! Lenna Young Andrews, July 27, 2009