ABR RR - Altered Books Revisited RR

Earlier this week I saw that the Wednesday Stamper site was challenging us to do something with KEYS. That must have been on my mind when I created this altered book page in Linda Bean's Gumshoe Girl themed book, as the stamped keys I used from Acey Ducey were perfect for both! In the ABR RR Linda gave us a challenging theme - at least for me - but when it was all said and done I truly had a blast coming up with ideas!!

I have uploaded a ton of photos of Linda's book to the ABR RR blog, as I was the last person to work in it before sending it home to Linda. The other participants in this RR exchange are: Cynthia Weed, Ann Peterson, Shauna Palmer, Pilar Pollock, myself, & Linda Bean. Please visit the ABR rr blog to view the photos of our books and our pages for each other; I hope you enjoy!

ABR RR - Altered Books Revisited RR

Here's a page spread I did earlier this week for an Altered Book RR I've been hosting for the past few months. This is Cynthia Weed's wild book titled, "I could have married . . . ." : ) fun stuff!

The premise of this ABR RR: there are six of us who had shared art via round robins in the past; we wanted to revisit working in altered books. Our exchange is almost over now with just one more book to alter and send home to it's owner. Despite my busy-ness of buying/selling our homes, packing and moving, subsequently being short on time over the last few months, I have really enjoyed being part of this exchange; as always, it has in a way forced me to be creative! Thanks to Cynthia, Ann, Pilar, Shauna and Linda for playing with me, I am grateful for you and the art you have shared with me. To see more, please go to the ABR RR Blog that I created just for this exchange.


I am hosting an "Altered Books Revisited Round Robin" this year that is pretty exciting. Our group consists of 6 artists/friends who have worked together exchanging altered books in the past. The group includes Shauna Palmer; who introduced me to altered books back in 2001, Ann Peterson; whom I have done many exchanges with before and whose art I can't get enough of - she truly inspires me, Linda Bean; who came highly recommended to me - she has shared art with others in the group previously and is a awesome addition, Cynthia Weed; whose wild and wonderful art I have always totally enjoyed, and Pilar Pollock; whom I have known and shared art & writing with for perhaps 7 years? I just love her style.

You can check all the pages we've recorded so far on a separate Blog: http://abr-rr.blogspot.com/ More pages will be added as the books pass through my hands or the artists are able to upload them. Above is a spread I did in Pilar's ROCK STAR themed AB - what a great theme & book! This page is about a band called Pearl Harbor & the Explosions! I copied and reduced a record album I had from the late 70's, added black & gold marbled paper spillin' off the edge, water color crayons, and gold metallic pen and stamping. Like it? You'll find more pages of everyone's work so far on the ABR RR Blog!