d is for dandy

I squeezed in this ATC for the ARTchix Studio Flickr group lotto drawn on July 14th, when the theme was the letter "D". I had fun going through the old dictionary pages I had gathered for the Vintage GlueBook class
I took and looking for an inspiring word. As soon as I saw "dandy" that was it! The image and words are both from ARTchix Studio. This same ATC is winding it's way to the lucky winner, Cindy McMath in Canada and she has chosen the new theme of Mystery, ooooooh! Check out the entries here!

yellow : )) quite right

These two yellow ATCs were made for the ARTchix Flickr group where a bi-weekly ATC lotto is held. Whoever wins the lotto, picks a new theme and 2 weeks later, a new winner and host for the next round. The current host is my friend in Scotland, Frieda Oxenham whose favorite colour is yellow! I have made 2 ATCs in hopes that I can send one to the winner, and one to Frieda. The first ATC is all sewn, including the paper elements which are all from ARTchix Studio. The darker strip of yellow on the left is from an Indian print dress I used to wear many years ago, a favorite. I have saved a bit of the fabric through 2 marriages and many house moves!! I thought Frieda would enjoy that . . . I know she hoards fabric too!!

front 1
back 1 - the back is paper, sewed on
I'm just mad about Saffron.
A-Saffron's mad about me.
I'm-a just mad about Saffron.
She's just mad about me.
They call me Mellow Yellow,
Quite rightly.
They call me Mellow Yellow,
Quite rightly.
They call me Mellow Yellow.
front 2
back 2 - this is an old playing card

I'm just mad about Frontine.
A-Frontine's mad about me.
I'm-a just mad about-a Frontine.
A-She's just mad about me.
They call me Mellow Yellow.
They call me Mellow Yellow,
Quite rightly.
They call me Mellow Yellow.

The second ATC is also fabric with paper, but no sewing this time. I used my xyron adhesive machine instead. The images again are all from ARTchix Studio. Yellow is not a color I typically reach for, but I really enjoyed exploring it and can see why it is Frieda's favorite color. It makes me think of all the daffodils in Frieda's Macbiehill gardens! and I cannot resist but to add:

enjoy!! : ) lenna

garden + flowers ATC Lotto

05.16 Lotto1, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
This ATC was made for the Garden & Flowers lotto on the flickr group: ARTchix Play Group! I used one of the "Floral beauties" cards from ARTchix Studio: 'Gussie' by Pam Barnes and added bits of a color copy of some yellow roses I had previously dried -it looks pretty real! I dabbed on bright blue Lumiere paint with a paint brush, added scraps of paper with pink flower petals and finished this 2.5" x 3.5" collage with a paper flower combined with a center of iridescent spheres -which are both from Alpha Stamps. It was a fun thing to do on mother's day beside spend some time with my momma! Here's how I finished the back as well . . .

: ) lenna in sunny florida

song lyric ATCs

Here is a triptych ATC made for the bi-weekly lotto on the newly founded ARTchix Play Group. A triptych means it has three sections; and this one folds up to ATC size: "2.5" x 3.5". I chose the song Bluebird, sung by my all-time favorite musical artist: Ms. Bonnie Raitt.
front of Triptych ATC, folded
All images are ARTchix Studio.
Triptych open, from the back
Triptych ATC open from the front, with the lyrics shown 
-click for more detail

 Song lyric ATCs are a popular theme! I am participating in Marion Bockelmann's Beatle's or Stones songs ATC swap, and you can see my entries here on a previous post if you missed them. I made an extra one for Marion, which I did not show until now as I was waiting for her to receive it . . .

This one is similar to another one I made and gave to a friend!

And I am also participating in a Bob Dylan song lyrics swap through the ATCs for ALL site -wow! I have found that I really enjoy working with song lyrics as a theme . . . so much so, that lyrics are one of the options in my Tag Book swap for the words portion!

We are heading into the month of May - have a great day! 
lenna young andrews, April 30, 2010

ATC Lotto - Easter/Spring Hats

Well, this will be the last ATC Lotto on the ARTchix Studio Yahoo Group, which will be closing at the end of April! ARTchix Studio is still going very strong but owner Helga Strauss is ready to move away from the Yahoo group after 9 years -wow. That's quite a tenure! She of course has her website which is wonderful, filled with great supplies, and her blog: My ARTistic Life with awesome art challenges. Helga is now doing things on facebook as well. I shall miss the Yahoo Group, but as my son Decklin always says: "things change" : )) So hats off to ARTchix Studio, here's my entry for the Easter/Spring Hats Lotto. Click for details!
I took an image from an ARTchix Studio collage sheet that I am not sure is still available - Classical Revival? For her hat I added a transparency butterfly from the In my Garden sheet, a small paper butterfly from the Pappilions collage sheet and 2 different images of flowers plus birds in a nest -Vintage scrap paper. 

The base of the ATC is watercolor paper. I rubbed a green VersaCraft ink pad over the front of it to add color and then sprinkled a bit of psychedelic embossing powder on the edges while it was wet and heat set it to melt the embossing powder. Then I added a few flower beads and leaves, a fabric flower and a wee bit of stardust prisma glitter to make her spring hat shimmer!!! What fun. It is my understanding the ARTchix lotto will continue with Helga's blessing on it's own Flickr Group: ARTchix Play Group: Bi Weekly Lottery.
See you there! lenna young andrews - April 1, 2010

Spring Fever ATC

Over on the ARTchix Studio Yahoo Group there is a Bi-Weekly Lotto for ATCs (artist trading cards) created on a theme. This time the theme was Spring Fever! Taking a nod and inspiration from the group's moderator Cindy McMath, I chose one of the images from ARTchix Studio's Hats in Bloom collage sheet. So much FUN!!
I used a piece of silk satin as my base from Mirah's Crafts in their 'mint cooler' shades. I backed it with a piece of watercolor paper, 2.5 x 3.5". My xyron adhesive machine was used to attach everything . . . running the watercolor paper through first and attaching it to the back of the silk satin. I used a flower stamp from CatsLife Press and VersaCraft ink in a variety of colors to stamp on the silk. My heat gun dried & set the ink. The curious woman is from the hats in Bloom sheet and the words are from the Her Words sheet.
I must admit these challenges push me a little to create and i think it's a good thing. How about you? Does it work that way for you?
lenna young andrews - February 28th, 2010.
Wow, tomorrow is March 1st, amazing!

women, words and . . . ?

I was very lucky and won the ARTchix Studio Yahoo Group's Bi-Weekly ATC Lotto! I had made an ATC on Joy's theme of red + white, uploaded it to the group, and found out last night that Joy's grandson had chosen my name in the random drawing, wow!! That means all the ATCs on that theme will be sent to me, and i get to choose the next theme for the bi-weekly drawing. I chose "Women, words, and . . . ? " - leaving the third element up to the participant. What i used as a third element above is, bright colors. I used a bright green watercolor crayons around the edge of the ATC, based on the bright colors in the image from ARTchix Studio. I hope you will check out the yahoo group, join if you don't already belong, and participate in this! lenna young andrews - february 8th, 2010

red + white ATC for lotto

On the ARTchix Studio yahoo group there are bi-weekly lottos, challenges where a randomly chosen winner picks the next theme to create ATCs on & makes the winning draw. Whoever wins the lotto draw, receives all of the ATCs that were made on that theme - they are sent directly to the winner. Joy Meadows was the most recent winner of the lotto and picked 'red + white' for the next theme due February 7th. She wrote: "The theme is red and white - could be Valentine-ish or not.  Whatever you want to do as long as the colors are predominantly red and white!  Have fun!"  Joy : )
Here is what i came up with. Bear in mind that red is not a favorite colour of mine, but i still liked the challenge very much. I am more of a brown/green/blue girl.

I created this atc with a playing card as a base, click on it for more detail. I did not plan using a playing card; i simply was looking in my collage boxes (which i have now unpacked since our move, hooray!). The red feather was something else i found while gathering 'red + white' items to do this lotto challenge that someone gave me some time ago. The photo of me as a babe with my mom was already printed out and lying in one of my collage boxes. I have used this image more than once in my artwork. The feeling it has when i look at it holds great meaning to me. Here it is in a larger size as an altered book page
The transparency of the wing, with Helga's handwriting "wings" is from ARTchix Studio. Check out their newly re-designed website! The words 'one brief moment' is also from an ARTchix collage word sheet. The word FLY was rubber stamped onto the playing card with permanent StazOn ink. I was really happy with how this came out. Thanks for the great challenge, Joy!
This particular lotto is due to be posted on the ARTchix group by February 7th in the photo section, and you have to be a member to view the messages & photos there. It's easy - just go to the group (link-at top) and sign up with Yahoo - yahoo!! lenna young andrews - January 31st, 2010

bold and beautiful!

Here is my entry for the September 2nd ARTchix Studio yahoo group bi-weekly Lotto! Now I will cross my fingers, say a prayer & hope i win . . . but if I don't, making this ATC was still a blast! An ATC ~ artist trading card, measures 2.5" x 3.5" no matter how big it appears here! I took a watercolor card (nicely already cut to size) and attached an image from the Pretty Bird collage sheet that is very bold and beautiful! I used a small circle punch to punch out the two thought bubbles, "spread your wings" and "sing to me". I applied watercolor crayons in purple, red, yellow and blue directly to the bird image and also around the edge of the watercolor card. Next I used a white rolling ball pen and a black fine tip permanent marker to add lines and accents to the pretty bird. The words "expressing strong feeling" come from Helga's Tell me a Story collage sheet and were just what i wanted to say - strong and bold, and full of feeling.
I do hope you enjoy ~ lenna young andrews, august 30th, 2009.
~ note on Sept. 5th - Nessa Math nas won this lotto -congrats, Nessa! I will be sending this off to you directly after the labor day Holiday : )

'winged' bi-weekly lotto ATC

Sabine in Germany was the lucky winner of the crown me lotto on the ARTchix Studio yahoo group -which means, she is now receiving all the lovely art for that theme! Plus, as the winner she got to choose a new ATC theme, and she chose: winged. Tomorrow is the deadline for this bi-weekly lotto, and this in itself of course spurred me on to create something. I have been thinking about what to do almost since she announced it. This is typical for me. It is not thinking like "planning out what to do", but rather thinking about all the possibilities and what could I do with the idea of 'winged'. How could i approach it? When the deadline or an inspiring germ of an idea hits me, that is when i start. I go through a process of gathering items related to the theme, laying them out in front of me and playing with their placement until my eye is pleased. Only then do i start to actually put my art together and often my idea changes as i work and think of other things to do or to add . . .
The back was originally the front, until I discovered it did not leave enough white space in between the stamped feathers for the transparency from the Royal Inchie Bird sheet to show up! Without the white background behind it, the transparency was not clear enough for me; you could not read the words well enough. I thought about getting a new watercolor card for my ATC and starting over, but spur of the moment thought how cool to just flip it over and make that the back! Maybe I should tell you I planned it all that way, but the truth of the matter is a lot of my art has more than one creative recovery in it!

The image of the woman on my Artist Trading card is from an collage sheet of ARTchix Studio's that I cannot locate . . . it is an older collage sheet and may not be available anymore. The little wing on her shoulder is from one of the birds on the Birds on a wire sheet, which is new. I used VersaCraft ink to stamp, a staple for me whether I am working with paper or fabric. In this case it gave me rich lines (I re-ink the ink pads often) which I could heat set with a heat gun and then paint over. I used watercolor crayons (another favorite) activated with a wash of water from a Niji water brush pen. Then I added a bit of Twinkling H2Os (sparkling watercolors) to the feathers on the front only, for a little sparkle which I don't think shows up on the scan. All of the elements were "glued" down by making a sticker out of then with my xyron machine. This is my favorite way of adhering transparencies to paper. I love to finish the edges off and in this case used a sparkling blue marker . . . so, there you have how i made this ATC - enjoy! To see more of my free tutorials and online workshops take a peek at my teaching site - a little creative space : ^ ) lenna young andrews, august 17, 2009

a day at the beach

Okay, just one last post of art before I go . . . . for the ARTchix Studio yahoo group bi-weekly lottery!
The theme was "a day at the beach" and I tweaked it a bit, just for fun. I was not going to participate in this lotto because we will be away, but I decided to instead make sure I go to the library on the 20th of July to see who wins, where I need to send my ATC, or what theme I would choose for the next lotto if I am the winner!

The saying is rubber stamped and it is by CatsLife Press. I used a watercolour card I got from Helga at ARTchix as my base and colored it with a pale wash of Twinkling H2Os. I stamped with VersaCraft ink in brown and heat set it . . . then I added a transparency image (fish) from Sea dreams and a woman from the Hats and Parasols sheet, which I don't think is available anymore . . . The little starfish/london on her dress is from the Inchie World Transparency sheet! I used both a silver and gold marker to finish the ATC. Thanks to Christy Laudig for the great theme and of course to Helga for the inspiring supplies!

On our way home . . .

On our way home: This is the theme that Marion Bockelmann chose when she won the "garden party" lotto on the ARTchix Studio yahoo group last week. As a member of the yahoo group, you can participate in a Bi-Weekly Lotto and have the chance of winning all of the art entered for the lotto, and hosting the next one! : ) I was not sure if I would have time to do something, but I squeezed in my interpretation of the theme this morning . . . .

I did not feel like making an ATC this time, so I made a small 4" x 4" piece for the lotto instead. It has a fabric base. I sewed two paper images from ARTchix Studio's ART BLAST collage sheet on the top layer of fabric with my sewing machine first. The two birds are faux post from the Feather Your Nest Faux Postage Sticker Sheet, and the "Love Birds" words I added are from the birdsong collage sheet. The back looks like this:

I attached another piece of fabric and sewed the two together so the seams would face the inside. I stuffed the little fabric pillow with a bit of batting and used yellow embroidery thread to make a few stitches around the piece and sew the bottom up by hand. I then took an extra stamped quote on watercolor paper and added color to it with Twinkling H2Os. I still had this on my table from practicing for one on Helga's weekly challenges! When it was dry, I added the paper quote to the bottom of the piece with fabric glue. Then I turned it over and added another faux post image from the Feather your nest sheet and signed it! Voilà! I can enter the lotto now : ))