last of the colour groupies . . .

Phew! I really should have shared these ATCs sooner but something or other would always come up and then I would forget . . . only to realize later I still had not written about them! I do want to share with you the last 2 months of Colour Groupies 2011 - ATCs on a color combo theme were exchanged monthly between a group of friends. The group included myself, Frieda Oxenham Debby HarrietthaCaryl Hoobler, Tristan Robin Blakeman. We have decided to take a break after doing this ongoing for 4 years . . . It was really an amazing experience!

November's color combo was Violette and Chocolate, yum!

I used paint chips (samples) scrapbook paper and watercolor crayons.
You can see all 5 ATCs here in my flickr album dedicated to the 2011 exchange.

The last color combo of 2011 was one of my favorites - Gold and Tangerine. 
I decided to do fabric ATCs by creating a fabric collage, then sandwiching it with
batting and a paper card stock back. Let me show you . . .

how i started . . . gathering gold and tangerine

randomly sewing the pieces where I had loosely arranged them

so far, so good 

click for an even closer look

deciding where to cut the ATCs from

one gold and tangerine ATC

sewing the edges on my machine

Yeah! The finished ATCs for December 2011

All the writings and sharing of all the cards 2008-2011 are linked here.
Scroll down past this post to see the others when you get there. There are quite a few posts and if you get to reading, you'll need to click "older posts" at the end of each page. 

my binder for 2011 for this exchange

November 2011

December 2011

A huge thank you to my friends, Frieda, Debby, Caryl & Tristan!! I have 4 years of inspiration to reflect on, not to mention the huge inspiration I received while we were exchanging. 
with love and hugs! 

melon and mauve

I created 3 months of ATCs for Colour Groupies right before my father passed away. I truly believe I knew his death was imminent and wanted to finish my commitment for August, September and October so I would not feel pressured to create when my family needed me. Of course, my colour groupies friends would have understood, but this was how I felt at the time, and now I am glad the ATCs are done. This post concentrates on the October combo of melon and mauve. Please see the previous 2 posts for the September and August ATCs.

I really used Crayola Crayons. A lot of fun! 

I also used Crafter's Workshop Stencils from Artistcellar.

And a circle template

I added a bit of wet watercolor . . . 

Some images and stamping . . . .

some writing . . . . 

A scan of the finished ATCs.
The images are from ARTchix Studio.

Thank you for visiting. 

grey and powder blue

The September ATCs for Colour Groupies were based on the combo grey and powder blue.

I started with a playing card and added grey & powder blue paper. 

To create these I utilized paper punches and played with the placement of the elements. I must admit I was a bit behind (the end of September was near) but I was happy how they turned out. More info on ATCs in general is here.

pale pink and butter yellow

Pale pink and butter yellow was the color combo for the month of August with Colour Groupies, a small group of friends who create ATCs (artist trading cards) for each other on a colour combo theme every month. I believe this is the 4th year of exchanging for us. When all the ATCs have been received throughout the US, Canada & Scotland, then we can reveal them. These particular ATCs were fabric ones. Click on any photo for more detail to see how I created them.

I hope you enjoy, they were fun to make. 

raw umber + royal purple

Directly above is the ATC I kept for myself, as a remembrance of what I did for our Colour Groupies July theme. This time our color combo was Raw Umber and Royal Purple! For the "Colour Groupies" exchange I belong to, I make 5 ATCs (one for each person in the group) every month. Sometimes it takes me a while to post about them as they need to reach their destinations first and then I need to remember to do it! 

I started with a full sheet of paper, brown textile paint and a combing tool . . . 

After the paint dried, i used my large paper cutter . . .

that made it easy to get them ATC size - 2.5" x 3.5"

I made extras -one I used for an ATC swap on creative swaps!

I added Lumiere paint in purple to all of the ATCs, various images from ARTchix Studio, trims and iridescent glass spheres from Alpha Stamps.

for caryl hoobler

for frieda oxenham

The backs - very simple

for tristan blakeman

for debby hariettha

I am working on my August color combo now ~ pale pink and butter yellow. Frieda's are done, sent and received (delicious!!) and you can view them here if you like!

cherry and aqua ATCs

For June, the theme for the Color Groupies ATCs was cherry and aqua. I think sometimes I just like to experiment and see what I can come up with! Below is a pictorial lo-down on how I made these ATCs.

I started with a transparency print of a photo of flowers I had taken, printed 6 times.

I also grabbed playing cards that were actually Tarot cards with aqua and cherry colors.

 I rubbed aqua paint onto the back of a transparency sheet that was mostly filled with cherry colored flowers. 

Next, I decided to sprinkle blue stardust glitter on top of the wet aqua paint.

When the paint was dry, I ran the cards through my xyron right side up and placed one side of the cards against the painted and stardust glittered transparency.

I cut the cards out individually, added a little of the aqua paint to the card side of them and decided to rubber stamp them with a Magenta pattern stamp. 

Remember the painted transparency? Below is what the ATCs looked like from the other side.
The pattern on the back of the card is showing through.

The finished backs   . . . . 

The finished fronts . . . 
Yes, they are unusual. But this challenge has allowed me to play with a new colour combination in a different way. I am very grateful that my Colour Groupies 'mates' support and encourage me to go in whatever direction I like when exploring and creating for them. Hooray! It's a good thing.  ; ^ ) lenna

apple green and evergreen

As part of the Colour Groupies - a closed yahoo group, I create ATCs every month on a color-combo theme for the 5 members of the group, including me. I think this is my 4th year participating! Sometimes I am late in making them and do 2 months at once and sometimes there is trouble with the mail, like the recent post office strike in Canada. We do not share photos or reveal what we have made until the ATCs have been received by everyone in the group! That way, it is a surprise when the mail comes. I always make one for myself so I can put it in my album with the rest of the ATCs, as a collection. We are not quite caught up with all the ATCs for recent months yet, but you can get an idea of how my album looks below. It is one of my many color groupies ATC albums!

I really enjoy seeing all the variations and interpretations of the color combinations.
The albums are very inspiring to look through.

For May 2011, the color combo was apple green and evergreen. 
I started with pre-cut ATCs by Stathmore.

I used my square punch to punch shapes from green paint samples I found at Walmart! They caught my eye as they were postcard size, one day when I was shopping there but had the colour groupies theme on my mind.

I added an evergreen watercolor crayon around the edge and then used Dye-na-flow paint by Jacquard in a lighter apple green color in the middle. 

click for details

I especially like this photo below because it shows where I was in my art journal every day project when I was making these. It was in early June, I was in the middle of a very busy time and I was late in making these May ATCs!

details - click for more
{ watercolor crayons and dye-na-flow paint }

Below, I have taken my paint sample squares and put them through my xyron machine to create secure stickers. I have already played with the placement and know pretty much where I want to place them.

A final scan -larger is good (click).
I hope you enjoyed my process!

: ^ ) lenna 

Jeunne et Noir ATCs

Another set of color combo ATCs for colour groupies and this time I sent early!! Will wonders never cease? Amazingly, my yellow & black --or Jeunne et Noir as Frieda likes to say ; ^ ) all arrived quickly, so I am here before the month is half way over to share my April color combos with you. Here is a photo diary of my process.

Starting with watercolor paper for my ATCs and Golden Yellow Dye-Na-Flow.

Brushing the Dye-Na-Flow on I got an idea . . .

Let's trying adding coarse salt to the wet paint.

letting the paint dry

and the salt soak up some of the paint

my studio mascots!

The left ATC still has salt - The right one, the salt is brushed off

All the salt brushed off -see the patterns left behind?

Let's get down to business! 

The backs . . . 

Thanks so much for visiting & commenting. it is always great to hear from you. What have you been up to??

chocolate and coffee

Doesn't that combination sound good??? Yum! I could use some of both right now. Those were the March colors for our ATCs and the Color Groupies exchange. I meant to get this post up sooner but it seems between teaching altered books in 4 artists 4 ways, setting up and writing a lesson for my Little Book swap, re-opening my private yahoo group for any online student of mine for easier sharing of class work, taking photographs every day, visiting with my parents and helping out as we can . . . I've been busy. If you did not know, my dad has been fighting colorectal cancer that spread to his liver for 3 years -the colon cancer was removed 3 years ago. The good news is the CT scan he recently had showed the original lesions on his liver are diminished (wow!) and there are no new growths. This is amazing for liver cancer. Unfortunately, the chemotherapy has made him feel really, really terrible sometimes; not able to eat and he has lost weight. But he is probably the strongest man I know and damn it, he is still up for the fight! He feels better now most days and is getting stronger. I try to lift his spirits and support my mom by visiting as much as I can - and Steven, bless him, drives Dad to appointments and they have some good guy time together. So that's where I am, when you don't hear from me. I still have other creative things to share so . .. after I share these yummy ATCs, I'll get back here as I can with some other things!

Coffee & Chocolate ATCs - a photo diary:

I took this photo while shopping in the grocery store -
thought I could use it for this project.
I seem to always have my camera with me these days! 

First step.
I took some tan fabric I had and making it darker by dying it in leftover coffee.
Obviously, I through the leftover grounds in too! 

I let it sit and dry on top of freezer paper in the sun after soaking it a few hours. 

It added depth to the color, delicious fragrance and some grungy-ness! 

I printed my photo of the chocolates onto vellum paper. 

I made little "sandwiches" of a coordinating fabric, the dyed fabric & cotton batting.

I cut out images from a  piece of coffee themed fabric I had.

I sewed a wavy pattern to mimic steam and zigzagged around the edges.

Finished!  For Caryl Hoobler & Frieda Oxenham

For Debby Harriettha and Tristan Robin Blakeman.

One for me and my Color Groupies binder!

happy coffee and chocolate!!

emerald + ruby ATCs

Here are ATCs for a small group of friends I trade with monthly: Colour Groupies! February's colors were emerald and ruby . . . Yes, I was busy teaching and did not get these done until early March. Then it took about 3 weeks for them to arrive with everyone, so I could not share them with you until now. They must stay a secret until all the recipients have them! These are different, a combination of a gel medium transfer, which I did not really like, and transparencies of the same images - combined. I also added a few paper collage images and bits of transparencies to help the colours to be more apparent.

Here you can see some pretty undesirable gel medium transfers
on the bottom row with the same images printed
as transparencies, directly above them.

Here I have started combining them,
adding the transparency image over the transfer.
Click on the photo for more detail.

made for Debby Harriettha

made for Frieda Oxenham

I kept this one for myself -for my Colour Groupies notebook!
It is great fun to have all the ATCs for each color on one page.
One artist's idea of emerald & ruby can be very different from another!

made for Tristan Robin Blakeman

made for Caryl Hoobler

I sewed around all the edges and sent them off with my March colours of Coffee and Chocolate, ooh la la! I'll have those for you in another post!

Turquoise and Copper

I am beginning my fourth year of exchanging colour-combination themed ATCs with a small group of like-minded friends! The January combination for creating our ATCs was Copper and Turquoise. I didn't get mine done until the very end of the January and then it took the US Mail about 3 weeks to deliver them to everyone involved in the US, Canada and Scotland. we wait until they are all received to reveal them. I am finally catching up to share them with you! Click on any photo for more detail.

I painted my ATCs with Super Copper Lumiere' paint.
I also got a wild idea to paint on my xyron backing paper!

I used a Turquoise blue Textile paint -Both of these paints
had been on my table for my Altered Book Lessons.
I peeled the dried paint off and stuck it onto the painted cards.

I sprinkled on Powdered Pearls with a fluffy brush.
I added more pigment powder and sprayed with a sealer, outside.

I rubber stamped on top of the dried paint and added glitter! 

Copper German Scrap Border too.

more paint was added with my fingers! 

The finished ATCs -now have new homes!

I am working on my Emerald & Ruby for February right now (they're late!) and I'm also going to do my Coffee & Chocolate for March and send everything together this week!! thanks to my friends for their patience . . . .  sending love. 

silver and black

Silver and Black was the last color combination of 2010 for 'colour groupies' ~ a small group of artist friends. Working with color combos, we make ATCs on a monthly basis and exchange them. The group consists of me, Frieda Oxenham, Debby Harriettha, Caryl Hoobler, and next year -Tristan Robin Blakeman will be returning, yay! I have put together an Animoto video slideshow to showcase all of the ATCs I've created for this group in 2010. You can watch it by clicking here -it's about 3 minutes long, and you'll also find it in the sidebar. I obviously love animoto videos!!

My silver and black ATCs started with a piece of black velvet paper. I would not be surprised if I've had this in my possession (stash!) since I worked in a rubber stamp store some 12-15 years ago!! I remember selling it when I worked there. Anyway, I found it when rummaging through a pile of papers in the garage (which have yet to be put away in my studio) and thought it would be perfect. My first idea was to stamp it with Brilliance ink, silver. Click for a larger view . . .

Then I cut the black velvet paper to ATC size
and added paper images from ARTchix Studio to each one.
I used my xyron to make them into stickers.

My Krylon Metallic Silver pen came in handy -
I do love to splatter!

The cards were placed on a black cardstock backing as the velvet paper is not substantial enough. I ran the metallic pen around all of the edges too.

* for caryl *

* for debby *

* for frieda *

* for me! *
I have 2 notebooks (3 years!) that contains 1 ATC
on each color combo theme that each one of us has done.
It is great to look back and see all the color variations!
One person's idea of silver & black or mango & ivory is different from another's!

This is my 3rd year completing this exchange and I have 2 very full and beautiful notebooks now. I love this exchange because my friends encourage and inspire me . . . and they challenge me! The first colour combination of 2011 is Turquoise and Copper, so look for that from me later in the month. You can also check out the blogs of the other members, linked above. Have a great day - do something creative!  ; ^ D