As a member of the Creative Troupe at C+T Publishing I have the opportunity to participate in their "Call-Outs" where they offer products to work with. Last summer I received an email from them that said, "We are working on a brand new surface for art, craft, and sewing–and we are looking for your creative ideas for how to use it! This special paper we want you to try is very's sort of like a white mulberry tissue with a plastic laminate on one side. One side has a light fiber texture, the other side is super slick. It's opaque but lightweight, plus it's water-resistant and tear'resistant. It's ready for painting, stamping, melting, stitching, many different things you can do with it! Important: You will NOT be able to chat about this product or what you make with it publicly or online until later this year, when we tell you it's okay"
I went ahead and signed up, got in (these calls are limited as far as the number of participants) and was sent a fiber sheet that did not even have a name yet! Now, many months later, it does and I can share my work: mul-tex. I played with it and created these 2 journal covers . . . here's a step-by-step of what I did to get there. I started by trying watercolor crayons on the mulberry fiber side . . .

 After the crayons were wet to activate and let dry . . . 

This is the plastic laminate side after additional paint was added

 I decided to add the mul-tex sheet to a piece of open weave fabric

I did free motion stitching on the bottom green section
and started rubber stamping the surface with paint

 I added pigment powders (perfect pearls) to some of the wet paint

The first notebook cover - I think I glued this one on with Yes glue

Seeing the photos again, I remember the second notebook was made out of pages I had cut out of an art journal I was working on, to make it less bulky. See the washi tape in the middle? That is how I put the pages together. Then I cut another section of my decorated mul-tex and sewed it directly to the pages to make a brilliant cover!

It is fun stuff! You can read all about the Creative Troupe and mul-tex
using the links at the top of the post! 
You can also see what other members of the Creative Troupe created with mul-tex, here!

Today, Steven and I are heading off in a couple of hours to travel 3 hours north to Cedar Key! It is the annual small boat meet filled with all kinds of interesting and beautiful small traditional hand crafted boats. I will get the best of both worlds -being with steven and his boat friends but also being able to hang out at a lovely bed and breakfast and maybe do some art, read, take in the Cedar Key museum -I'm looking forward to it very much. I will be back with photos I'm sure as it is a beautiful place and the boats sail to an island tomorrow and sunday! Take care till then . . .

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