celebrating dance . . .

Today at Conscious Movement, sponsored by Dance SRQ in Sarasota, FL . . . I took some low-light photos and played with them in Photoshop. Click on any photo for a larger version.

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It was a very large group of conscious movers today and this photo does not even show everyone who came and danced, whooped and sang! Lots of energy and lots of fun. Thank you Kathy, Mary & Debbie for facilitating, thanks to Norman & his friend for the live music. A wonderful time. I am still smiling because of it.

creative things

Tomorrow, 2/5 is Conscious Movement here in Sarasota and I am so looking forward to it. This is the closest thing I have found to the modern dance improv I did growing up and for many years after, that I love. The photo above is a Photoshop version of 2 photos I took at the last conscious movement event. I love taking just a few quiet photographs during the hour and a half and then bringing them into Photoshop and seeing how I can tweak them artistically. Tomorrow we may have visitors from St. Pete join us, so I think there will be lots of energy and spirit dancing in the room!

Today, I went to a wonderful Zentangle® class taught by certified Zentagle instructor, Mary Masi. I met Mary through Conscious Movement and Nia classes! Here are the two 3" x 5" tiles I completed in Mary's excellent class today . . .

Zentangle looks like doodling, but is really so much more. From the Zentangle® website, "Our Zentangle method is a way of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns. It is fun and relaxing. Almost anyone can use it to create beautiful images. It increases focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well being. The Zentangle method is enjoyed all over this world across a wide range of skills, interests and ages." Find out more about Zentangle here on the website. I found it so relaxing. 

I also visited a new studio and Gallery called Artspace on Anna Maria Island this afternoon. My friend Cheryl who hosted my collage class earlier this week, told me about Deborah and her husband who are opening this awesome space. It is bright and beautiful, with a gorgeous view of the Anna Maria Bay.

The view!! It is above the post office, 101 Bayview Plaza, Anna Maria Island, FL

It looks so good! They are going to have their first show to coincide with the Grand Opening on March 23 and I am definitely going to make a "Spring Cleaning" piece and enter! 

Afterwards, a quick trip to the north of the island . . . 
ahhhhhh . . . i love the beach. 

happy weekend! 

photo collage and dance

On Sunday morning I attended a conscious movement event in Sarasota, FL hosted by Dance SRQ/Conscious Movement Sarasota. While there, I took just a few photos of this hour and a half free-form movement class without flash, not wanting to disturb the environment. Later at home, I brought the photos into Photoshop and layered two or more of them together to create more depth. I played with the filters and opacity of the layers until I came up with a number photo collages I liked.

The collage above was created by tweaking the 2 photos below after they were layered together.
Click on each photo for a larger view.

Here are some more I created with those photos...
I like the shadows created in the top section, below. They come from yet another photo.

The photo below was added to create the collage above

more variations . . . yes, I am obsessive!

My favorite I think . . . click on it for a larger view.

The dancing was . . . . "authentic" in the words of my Nia dance teacher Kathy, and I would agree. It is wonderful for me to combine my love of dance and movement with my new love of photography and being creative with it. I just wanted to share this! Have a creative and happy day. : ^ ) lenna

Dance SRQ and photoshop

I found out about a Conscious Movement class held once a month on Sundays through my Nia teacher Kathy Oravec. This class is held in Sarasota and sponsored by Dance SRQ (the Sarasota Airport code is SRQ) and hosted/led by Kathy. She described the activity as a free-form movement class with conscious awareness of your sensations, movements and surroundings. I found it very much like the modern dance classes I took; the improvisation section especially. It was fun, freeing, I met new people, drove to a new place, and was brave. I also got quite a workout as it was an hour and a half long and I moved a lot! I took a few photos on Sunday and later enjoyed playing with them in Photoshop elements.

The Bayfront Community Center is a really fabulous space, with wood floors, tons of light.

Tweaking the photo with a Hard Mix filter makes for a very interesting look.

We took several photos of our bare feet for a new Dance SRQ logo!

I put those 2 photos together by treating them as layers.

The windows were overlooking the Sarasota Bay and it was quite amazing. Dancing in front of the windows and looking out over the water, I felt and still feel that I am living in paradise.

Another combination, photo collage - two layered photos

You can achieve some wild colors via photoshop - I do like how it looks like paint.

This one is my favorite out of all my efforts and I chose this photo 
for my 300th upload to blipfoto! (my photo journal)

I'm starting to do mixed media art again which is good, but since I'm not quite up to speed yet I thought I'd share some of the other creative things I have been doing to feed my soul and "fill me up" as my friend Donna said, not too long ago. It is all creative, all a way  to express myself which I obviously need to do (!) and I love keeping a record of my journey. If you would like an easy way to flip through a number of posts on my journey, try the flipcard view of this blog. Hover over any square to see the title and date of the post and then click to read! I do like that version very much but am leaving it as an option instead of the default for now until it is more seasoned.

Hope you are all doing well, sending love -lenna