another art journal finished

I started this art journal back in July when I was working on doing Art Journal Every Day with Julie Balzer. This concept is a great idea and Julie gives participants lots of inspiration. I highly recommend it. I could see myself doing this again, perhaps for a one month commitment, as I found it hard to continue more than the four months that I did. Perhaps it was my circumstances. This is the second journal that I filled during that commitment and it feels wonderful to have finished it completely and to have filled it up! I started working last night with a Sumi brush and Dye-na Flow inks.

After spraying with plain water, I let that dry and came back to it today.

The quote is from Lao-Tzu.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
That is exactly how I felt. Just one step back into mixed media art.

I added the thin top layer of a paper napkin as the paint/ink alone was just too sparse for me. Then I edged and splattered with a krylon 14K gold marker. I just can't help myself!

My art journal was finished. I had been thinking about this last page for a while, but want you to know that what I did was done on the fly, on the spur of the moment, when I finally sat down and made myself start. 
A peek at the entire journal is below -click for details.

wow, that is a lot of art journaling, even over 4 months.

Thanks for being here.