local art meet

When I went to my local art supply store here in Bradenton, Florida on October 2nd for a Zentangle ATC swap, I met Susan Stewart. The group was small, so it was easy to talk and I discovered that Susan was just learning about Zentangle like me . . . and she was an art quilter -wow! We exchanged emails, and after a small  delay because Susan's first email went into my junk folder . . . we made a date to meet, have lunch and share some art, oh what fun!

Susan had explored my websites + blogs and told me in an email she loved the "shades of white" quiltie swap I hosted in 2008. So, I found them in one of my boxes, unpacked them and brought them along -Susan was so pleased!

Susan brought her more of her Zentangle ATCs to show me. She had tried adding color to these and was quite pleased. They look great! Click for more detail. 
Susan brought some of her art quilts to share :  ))))


I shared an ARTchix fabric Book RR I hosted in 2004-2005.
This fabric book  includes a page done by Helga Stauss, owner of ARTchix Studio! Susan had been to the ARTchix website and was excited to see this book and learn more about RR collaborations. 

Lastly, I shared all extra quilties given to me plus some I had traded by participating myself, in the "shades of sunshine" quilties swap, hosted in 2008.

It was a really fun couple of hours and a delicious lunch, plus now I have a new local friend  :   ^ ) Thanks, Susan!

Cyber Fyber Exhibition - wow!

(close-up of my fiber postcard)
The other day Dawn Sellers - who is hosting the Fabric Book RR I have been participating in, mentioned a call for fiber art, for an exhibit in 2009. My interest was peaked and I went to visit the link Dawn provided to the Cyber Fyber Exhibition. Please follow the link yourself to learn more about this event, but I will tell you briefly that the exhibit is the brainchild of fiber artist Susan Lenz. The focus of this exhibition is to highlight the influences of Internet access for today's fiber artists. Susan Lenz has created many, many fiber ATCs (about 130) and fiber postcards (about 160) to trade with any artist who is at least 18 years of age with an active blog or profile. She has all the instructions on the Cyber Fyber Blog, where you can also follow a link to view all of the fiber postcards & ATCs available to trade that Susan has made! The ATC or postcard that you send in to trade with Susan will become part of the cyber fyber exhibit in January of 2009. This is really a cool idea and I was really excited to support it! My own art and the internet truly go hand in hand, so I really wanted to be a part of this exhibition. I followed the instructions on the blog and waited to hear. Even though the official opening of the cyberfyber site is not until February 2nd, Susan wrote to me today and said, "Although I haven't "officially" announced CYBER FYBER, I cannot refuse your offer to trade!" Wow - : ^) yay!

The first thing I created was a fabric ATC (click on any photo for more detail). I choose some batik fabric I liked and some batting to match and cut them to size (2.5 x 3.5"). I also grabbed some dyed cheesecloth that was in my fabric bin as it matched my fabric. I wanted to add an image and chose a fabric one from Alpha Stamps -Bathing Beauties #2. I played with the placement of the image and the cheesecloth until I was happy with it and then I glued the fabric image down. I have a new sewing machine (a Brother 60-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine)and wanted to try the free-motion quilting, so I set that up and used it to secure the dyed cheese cloth in place. If you look closely you can see my stitching all over the cheesecloth!

Next I found some shells I saved from our trip to Sanibel, FL last year and some beads and went to town sewing these embellishments on over the cheesecloth. I added some sequins as well. When I was satisfied the front of my ATC was done, I printed my name and website address onto some muslin with my ink jet printer. I sewed this on my back piece of ATC fabric like a label with a decorative stitch. Then I sandwiched the front of the ATC with the batting together with the back and sewed it all up with a decorative stitch.

For my postcard, I used a piece of olive green upholstery velvet I had leftover from when I recently had a small love seat re-covered. To this I sewed on a small strip of scrapbook paper (on the left) and some sparkly ribbons, using yet two more decorative stitches on my new machine! On top of the ribbons I added a circular collage image of a young woman's face. I glued this paper image from ARTchix studio on top of the velvet & ribbon postcard base. Then I chose a transparency image from the same company from a sheet called Transparent Whimsical Wings. This time I sewed the image on. I also used a decorative machine stitch to sew above the woman's head, directly on the velvet.

For the reverse side, I got out a few rubber stamps and my VersaCraft ink pad.

This needed to be heat set, and I also ironed on another label I made with muslin & my ink jet printer. I used a piece of heavy interfacing in between the 2 pieces and used a new over lock stitch to put the two pieces together. I really had fun doing this although I must say I was challenged to try to do some of my best work for this. I love the way both these "trades" came out! Thanks to Dawn for sharing, and to Susan for doing this!

FBRR - fabric book rr!

Here is Sara's page for the Fabric Book RR I have been involved with for almost a year, hosted by Dawn Sellers. This is my very LAST fabric page to contribute; this is for Sara Davis' garden & flower themed book. Sara had ribbons flowing out of her cover, so I felt I need to add ribbons to my page for her; they are from Alpha Stamps (scroll down).
The flower images are fabric and from the 'Iris' sheet and the bugs are paper collage images glued on from the 'Butterfly' sheet; all Alpha Stamps.

Below is one of my pages stacked with all the rest, inside Sara's wild, ribbon festooned cover! Sara, your book left town today - and is on it's way back home to YOU!

1st art I've done since moving!!

Here is a fabric page I did for Kyla Eversman's book. Ladies of the Sea. We are both participants in the FBRR = Fabric Book Round Robin, hosted by Dawn Sellers.

This is the first bit of art work I have done since moving a week and a half ago! It felt really great to sit in my studio and work on these pages, even though everything is still in boxes. I had packed a few things in advance in a tote bag -- a "traveling studio" of sorts, and I worked out of that. I can already tell though, that I will be enjoying my new space to work in.

Kyla had prepared fabric pages for us as a base to work on & I really liked that. Here, I have used an Alpha Stamps fabric image from Mermaids #2 - on this page, scroll down. I also glued various papers to the fabric base after sewing the image on. Fun!

Here's the other page I did for Kyla's book. You can see the base page Kyla prepared - just click on any picture for more detail. I've used a word stamp from CatsLife Press - stamped with VersaCraft ink . . . and I have used some beautiful fibers given to me by one of my swap participants, Giselle. (The sage green one was perfect for grasses-thanks again!) To finish it I used some old lace given to me by my friend Angie Bhatia in the UK, I believe!

It felt really good to do this fabric art. Next on my list, I have an altered book and a mixed media journal page spread to do by October 12th or so . . . I do hope to get back to the studio soon! There are lots of things to unpack; we are still getting settled and I have also just started teaching an online class through joggles.com - the mini art quilt fabric book. (you can still join if you are interested) All of this takes a bit of time but working creatively is such a good thing. I hope that you too can make time to be creative soon. : ^ )

art & life!

I did a bit of art lately which was really nice - very relaxing; I will share it with you here. This is the front and back of a page I did for Michelle Dressler's Fabric Book for the FBRR (fabric book round robin) I am participating in! She had a theme of dance for her book and wished for some texture. You can see more from the exchange by following the link above - click on the pictures below for more detail.

I am really happy with the way this page turned out. The images are from Terrie Lightfoot's Lost Art Creations and quite beautiful. I like the richness of the colors and the way cool paper flowers from artchix studio - this was the first time I used them. It was great to create something after the busy-ness we've been though! The news is: we listed our home for sale on Monday. To get ready for this when you are a messy artist with lots of art stuff is a lot of work; not to mention the rest of the house had to get picked up and cleared out too! But we did it . . . I guess we did a good job too, and combine that with a good agent -- because we already have a buyer for our home. They came to see the house on Tuesday, gave us an offer that night, and we signed the contract by Wednesday! There are the usual contingencies to be met and another deposit to be made, but we are slated to close on October 12th. A little unbelievable, but true!

We are looking for a new home, a little larger than our present home and we are fine tuning & zeroing in on one that might fit us very well. Keep us in your thoughts! The one we have our eye on has a separate studio attached to the house with room enough for both Steven & I to work in. Sounds good, eh? He has had no art space really since we moved here because he never got comfortable with the basement; who can blame him! My space was too small to add his drafting table.

Back to creating art - I also recently finished a spread in Shauna Palmer's Altered Book for the Round Robin I am hosting -please go to the ABR RR blog to check it out! I am really enjoying working in altered books again. I first got started with Shauna through an exchange she hosted on art-e-zine back in 2001.

The Garden ATC swap (fabric) I hosted has finished up and I've announced two new swaps! One is an ATC swap held in conjunction with Alpha Stamps on a Mother goose theme - due 10/27/07 and the other is a one for one fabric bag swap due 11/15/07. You can read all the specs on my swaps blog. Please let me know if you are interested in joining as I just have a few open spots left. Even though I will be moving, these swaps will go on! As soon as I know the date and the new address I will let you know. It will work out! The Circle Book page swap is bringing in some fantastic art - due 9/7/07. See the results on the creative swaps blog!

I had the most fun tonight going to see my friend Carla Kurt do her demo at the Flatbread Restaurant in Canton, CT where she has a show of her paintings this month. I did a demo/show at Flatbread in May of this year - see the pics here. My scarves are still hanging there as the owner Brian bought them from me when I did the show! Carla is going to ask Flatbread to donate the proceeds from auctioning off her painting to A place to bark - what a great idea!!!!! here is my favorite picture from the evening - me & carla!

and steve & carla . . . and her paintings and my scarves : )

hope you enjoy!!

FBRR - Fabric Book RR

Here is the page I did last week for Dawn Seller's 'Travelers' themed Fabric Book. This was for our Round Robin hosted by Dawn, and was sent off on Saturday morning to Sara D. in TN : )) All of the fabric books are moving around the circle of RR participants, and you can see more pages from the exchange, and the cover of Dawn's book by going to the FBRR Blog. What fun! I love being challenged by someone else's theme. This page is based on a true story of my cat Zanzibar, who traveled across country with my ex-husband and I - in 1979.

I love the way Dawn designed her book with 3 rings for us to tie our pages in to her cover. I find I still use rubberstamps quite a lot in my work. Do you??

Fabric Book Round Robin (FBRR)

This is the front and back of the page I did for Robyn Bogart's fabric book with a Goddess theme, in the FBRR hosted by Dawn Sellers. To see my pages IN Robyn's book, along with her work, please visit my post about it on the FBRR blog. There you can read about how I created this page! The images on both sides of the page are transparencies from Alpha Stamps. Click on the photos here for a larger, more detailed photo.

more Passion!

I started this passion themed book for a RR I'm doing through art-e-zine earlier this month and had pretty much finished the cover. But the book has been hanging around in my studio for a while now while I was thinking about what to do for the inside before sending it off. I started by finishing the cover! I added a bit of trim I had painted for another project (silk scarves) to the edge of the cover and I also added a velvet rose/leaf. I glued these things on with tacky glue for the trim and Goop glue for the leaf/rose. Next, I looked around my studio for texture and passion and gathered up a few things to create a textural, passionate page! I ended up making 2 pages for this RR book because I wanted to try my idea for how I'd like to put all the pages together when the book returns home. I've cut out denim "spines" to use to connect two pages together (see photos below). Later, I will sew through ALL the denim pieces connecting two pages and also through the denim piece on the cover. The participants in the RR will only have to create one page, and I will fix them up - sew them together, when it comes home. See below - click on any photo for more detail:

For texture (my sub theme) I used cordoroy, velvet, a piece of knitting my mother did, transparencies, silk, metal and buttons. On the first page, for my passion theme, I concentrated on passionate kissing with images from ARTChix Studio and Alpha Stamps, follow your heart - and other stamps by the deeelightful Claudia Rose - and I added a scan (a transparency, placed over muslin so it would show better) of my husband & my wedding rings/hands. For page two, I used image transfers and inkjet prints of photos onto fabric that express my love and passion for walking outside. I will wrap this book up in a Priority envelope and mail it to Sara in Tennesee tomorrow, march 31st - wow! Dawn Seller's fabric Book RR has begun! : ) Lenna

Fabric Book RR

The cover of my book for Dawn Seller's Fabric Book RR
If you click on the photos you can view them larger I think I have pretty much finished the cover for my book that I will be sending out for a fabric Book RR (round robin) at the end of this month. That reminds me! I wrote an article for the on-line zine/web site called art-e-zine about Round Robins. The artist behind art-e-zine is Gillian Allen, and she did an amazing job with the article & photos I provided her. She has published it and you can read it here: http://www.art-e-zine.co.uk/roro.html

This fabric book is for an exchange hosted by Dawn Sellers and one of the many swaps and exchanges you can do through art-e-zine: http://www.art-e-zine.co.uk/artexchange.html

I am happy with my progress - I still need to create a page to go inside to start the exchange & give the other artists a feel for my theme. The image on the front cover is a beautiful fabric image from Alpha Stamps Theater Collage sheets called, The Balcony. I am happy to have figured out the structure of my book, the size, the sign-in page or tags for the other artists, and how to leave some notes & instructions . . . . . oh! There is a blog that is going to follow the progress of this fabric book RR and you can view it here: http://fbrr.blogspot.com/ - enjoy! Lenna