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I did a bit of art lately which was really nice - very relaxing; I will share it with you here. This is the front and back of a page I did for Michelle Dressler's Fabric Book for the FBRR (fabric book round robin) I am participating in! She had a theme of dance for her book and wished for some texture. You can see more from the exchange by following the link above - click on the pictures below for more detail.

I am really happy with the way this page turned out. The images are from Terrie Lightfoot's Lost Art Creations and quite beautiful. I like the richness of the colors and the way cool paper flowers from artchix studio - this was the first time I used them. It was great to create something after the busy-ness we've been though! The news is: we listed our home for sale on Monday. To get ready for this when you are a messy artist with lots of art stuff is a lot of work; not to mention the rest of the house had to get picked up and cleared out too! But we did it . . . I guess we did a good job too, and combine that with a good agent -- because we already have a buyer for our home. They came to see the house on Tuesday, gave us an offer that night, and we signed the contract by Wednesday! There are the usual contingencies to be met and another deposit to be made, but we are slated to close on October 12th. A little unbelievable, but true!

We are looking for a new home, a little larger than our present home and we are fine tuning & zeroing in on one that might fit us very well. Keep us in your thoughts! The one we have our eye on has a separate studio attached to the house with room enough for both Steven & I to work in. Sounds good, eh? He has had no art space really since we moved here because he never got comfortable with the basement; who can blame him! My space was too small to add his drafting table.

Back to creating art - I also recently finished a spread in Shauna Palmer's Altered Book for the Round Robin I am hosting -please go to the ABR RR blog to check it out! I am really enjoying working in altered books again. I first got started with Shauna through an exchange she hosted on art-e-zine back in 2001.

The Garden ATC swap (fabric) I hosted has finished up and I've announced two new swaps! One is an ATC swap held in conjunction with Alpha Stamps on a Mother goose theme - due 10/27/07 and the other is a one for one fabric bag swap due 11/15/07. You can read all the specs on my swaps blog. Please let me know if you are interested in joining as I just have a few open spots left. Even though I will be moving, these swaps will go on! As soon as I know the date and the new address I will let you know. It will work out! The Circle Book page swap is bringing in some fantastic art - due 9/7/07. See the results on the creative swaps blog!

I had the most fun tonight going to see my friend Carla Kurt do her demo at the Flatbread Restaurant in Canton, CT where she has a show of her paintings this month. I did a demo/show at Flatbread in May of this year - see the pics here. My scarves are still hanging there as the owner Brian bought them from me when I did the show! Carla is going to ask Flatbread to donate the proceeds from auctioning off her painting to A place to bark - what a great idea!!!!! here is my favorite picture from the evening - me & carla!

and steve & carla . . . and her paintings and my scarves : )

hope you enjoy!!

2nd Flatbread Demo piece - finished!

I finished the collage I started at the demo yesterday and wanted to share it here with you. I brought both pieces that I created into Flatbread tonight & gave them to co-owner Brian Bienvenue ~ he was thrilled with them and I am very happy for this oppportunity.

FlatbreadDemos,000, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Demo at Flatbread - 2nd Canvas Collage

5-21-07: This is the canvas collage/mixed-media piece I did for the Monday evening demo at the Flatbread restaurant in Canton CT; part of my Art show there during the month of May. In this canvas I am using both ARTchix studio and Alpha Stamps images. This canvas is pretty wild because of the rubbing alchohol that I dropped on top of my very wet paint when creating a background. I started this piece at home, creating the painted background for it, because it was a larger canvas (16" x 20") and I wanted to get a good start. The demo was from just 7-9pm. I got a lot done that evening, but I still need to work on it a bit before giving to Brian Bienvenue, co-owner of Flatbread in Canton. He will auction one or both pieces I created during my demos and donate the money to charity. This has been a great experience, having my art show at Flatbread! If you would like to see a slideshow of the artshow, close-ups of the pieces in it, and photos from both demos, click here. The newer demo photos are at the end!

1st Flatbread Collage completed

This is the finished collage from my Friday night Demo at the Flatbread Company Restaurant in Canton, CT on May 18, 2007. You can see the beginnings of this collage in the photo below, just above my left hand. This piece will be donated to Flatbread and later auctioned off for charity. I return to Flatbread on Monday May 21st to demo and create another piece! My art show there will run through June 2nd. You can click on the photo for greater detail. Oh! I almost forgot to mention that the gold disks in this collage are cardboard 'pop-outs' from the cover of the Flatbread pizza boxes, painted with gold Lumiere!!! I saved them from when I worked there, folding the boxes up for take-out. I just knew I could use them artistically in some way -- someday!

Demo at Flatbread Company - 5.18.07

DemoFlatbread009, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

I did a demo (a collage on canvas) right in front of my art that's on display at the Flatbread Company in Canton CT last night! As people came in for dinner, a few came over to watch me work and ask questions. Steven accompanied me and we had a lot of fun -- some of our collaborative work is in the art show there (smile). The collage that I did last night, and the collage I will create on Monday night when I demo again, will be donated to Flatbread. The co-owner, Brian Bienvenue, will auction these pieces off for charity. He sponsors a benefit night for non-profit organizations every Tuesday night, with a portion of his flatbread sales going toward the non-profit featured that night. If you are interested in seeing more photos from the demos, just click on the picture above and it will bring you to my flickr photo sharing account.

Flatbread ART Show

Today Steven & I went to the Flatbread Company in Canton, CT and hung my art show! This was very exciting for me as I have never had this experience before. We managed to get a lot of pieces up and show a wide range of the art I do: painting, fabric art, collage, hand made books, altered books, fabric painting/stamping and even jewelry. I insisted on having 2 pieces in the show that Steven & I did together collaboratively, even though he thought I should concentrate on art that just I had done myself. Well, he finally agreed and it worked out great. I think the show looks fab, and I could not have done this without him!!

On May 18th and May 21st from 7-9pm I will demonstrate some of my techniques live, at Flatbread and create a piece that Flatbread will auction off; donating any funds raised to charity. I am very glad to be involved! Thanks for reading! (click on the pictures for a larger photo)

Note 5/2/07: My art show has been very well received at Flatbread! I have sold a small painting & 4 scarves already. My friend Gunvor from Sweden wrote and said she wished she could see it 'in real life', which gave me an idea! I found close up scans or photos of almost all the art that is in the show, and added it to my 'Flatbread Art' album on my flickr photo account. If you would like to take a close-up tour as well, click here. You can even watch it as a slide show-enjoy!

Journal Quilt #16

4.23.07.Journal Quilt, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

(printed on fabric on the back is the entry below)

April 23rd, 2007 * Journal Quilt Number 16 *

CHANGES . . . That is the theme of this week’s journal quilt. I started with a paper image from the Tallulah’s Drama Queens Sheet I found at Alpha Stamps. I like how when I used both images together, the woman looked like she was turning one way and then another, changing direction. I laid the paper images onto a piece of favorite marbled paper and ripped the edges of the marbled paper first before sewing them together. I used a zig zag stitch down the middle. Next, I sewed the 2 pieces of paper to my fabric square with a straight stitch, like a frame around the edges. On the bottom I added a transparency of new green shoots. I had taken the photo earlier this week while walking and printed it out onto a plain transparency. I added stamping of words and branches with leaves to complete it. This journal entry is printed onto fabric, which makes the back of the journal quilt.

The weather has been full of changes, from cold winter weather in April, to rain & flooding, to 80 degrees and sunshine! I am also changing jobs – I love Flatbread, but my new job at Stonewall Kitchen is a much better “fit” for me.
Another change is that I am hosting 2 new art swaps . . . . please check out the new Blog I created just for these swaps! Change is inevitable, change is sometimes hard, change is good.

“Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.”
-- Arnold Bennett

*Art Shows*

enchantedGrotto-001, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

As promised, here is a photo of the mixed media collage I recently finished, all framed and ready to go to the West Hartford Art League for their Open Juried Show April 19th - May 13th. We dropped off 2 of my mixed media entries for consideration yesterday - you can view the second piece below. Many thanks to my husband Steven, who has experience with framing & helped me immeasurably with framing the 'enchanted grotto' piece, above. It was also Steven who encouraged me to enter juried Art Shows - I had never done this before 2006! So far, I have been lucky and gotten into the only two shows I entered pieces in. We'll see how I do here! I would love to be accepted into this show, but if not, I won't worry about it or be upset. It is a subjective thing depending on the juror. Also, The Flatbread Company in Canton, CT has asked me if I would have a showing of my work (10 pieces) in their restaurant. I am going to tell them yes! The last week of the show will culminate with my creating a mixed media piece in the restaurant over a week's time so patrons can watch the process if they like. When the piece is finished, Flatbread will auction it off and donate the funds to charity. Flatbread does a lot of non-profit events/donations in the community. More details to follow. : ) Lenna

(2nd piece entered in WHAL: Open Juried Show)

P.S. I found out today (4/17) that neither of my pieces made it into the Juried Open Show at the WHAL. Too bad! Oh well, perhaps this is meant to be so that I can hang them at my own show at the Flatbread Company in Canton, CT during the month of May!! I am so excited about that. Now I know I will have plenty of pieces to hang for the show. Since I am leaving working there for a different job, this will be a great way to keep in touch with them too. I do love that restaurant.

Banner for Flatbread!

The 2' x 3' banner Steven and I created for the flatbread company!!
(click on the photo for a more detailed photo)
Brian, the co-owner of the Canton, CT Flatbread Company (where I work) asked me if I could paint a banner for him. My husband Steven is awesome at lettering, so I asked him for his help to make the letters similar to the logo that Flatbread uses. I did the painting and we both had fun! Brian will use it for events he will attend and represent the restaurant.

This is a great place. Check out their website for details!

Journal Quilt #9

Here is Journal Quilt #9!!
Click on the photo for more detail.

I wrote the following Journal entry, printed it on fabric and attached it to the back . . . .

March 6, 2007:

* Journal Quilt Number 9 *
I have to admit I am a day late with this mini journal quilt, oh my! I figure a day late is better than not at all. Yesterday was Steven’s birthday. When I got out of work I got busy making him a cake. I actually almost forgot my Monday night deadline!

The theme of this week’s journal quilt is ART! Last week Steven and I went to the West Hartford Art League to see our 2 pieces that made it into their Juried show . . . . I also met an online art friend, Carla Kurt, for the first time when we found out we lived near each other and we enjoyed sharing our art over coffee . . . . then I showed my art to my boss at the Flatbread Company and he bought one of my collages when I was not even asking! I think all this must be destiny??

What I did for this journal quilt was several gel medium image transfers from photos. The collage on the top right is the one I sold to Flatbread, on the bottom right is the collage I have in the ART League show, and bottom left is Steven with our collaborative piece that is in the show – enjoy!!!!!!

Collage Sold!

This is a collage that I created in 2004 and sold to the co-owner of the Flatbread Company in Canton, CT today. Yesterday I was showing him some pieces I brought in to share with a friend after work. It was then that Brian asked me if he could buy this collage! He liked it so much he wanted to hang it up in his restaurant, wow! I really did not expect this, and so at first I hesitated. Also, I really love this collage and I was not showing it to him for the purpose of selling it! Plus, the photo of the girl on the top left is actually a photo of my mom when she was about 8 or 9 years old! This photo was taken right before she was adopted (the girl on the bottom right is from ARTchix Studio). But in thinking about it overnight, I decided I would love to sell it to the Flatbread restaurant. Brian really likes the quote in the middle of the piece (click on the photo to see it better) so I happily sold it to him today. He can enjoy it, the customers can enjoy it . . . and I can still enjoy looking at it when I am at work!

Journal Quilt #8

Number 8 in my once-a-week series of 6"x6" journal quilts . . . ; ^ )

(click on the scan for more detail)

Here's what I wrote and printed on fabric for the back of this square:

February 26, 2007:

* Journal Quilt Number 8 *
Last week I celebrated my 50th Birthday, and this week’s journal quilt definitely reflects that . . . . I had fun printing photos out onto fabric for this journal quilt!

The top photo was taken of me sitting on the couch at the old family farmhouse in Avon, 1957. I was about 9 or 10 months old at the time. I’ve got a nice box of animal crackers in my hand and a pretty smocked dress on . . . we wore those a lot back then! I printed this image onto a linen napkin that belonged to my grandmother. The image below that is a photo that was taken of me & my dog Ticker Tape in the woods behind our house in Simsbury, in 1963. I had recently returned from 6 weeks in the Hospital for open heart surgery. . . I was 6 years old. That’s why I look so thin. This was recycled from a swap envelope and is a real photo on paper.

The larger, full color photo is me – taken last week! Steven took a photo of me at my new job as hostess at the Flatbread Company in Canton. I printed the photo out onto plain muslin by attaching fabric to a piece of lightweight cardstock with masking tape. I added a crown from ARTchix Studio, my birth date, and the appropriate quote! . . . enjoy!!