green paper collage challenge

Over at Green Paper Mary Green hosts a collage challenge every month. She provides 3 images from her extensive collection and you can make anything you like using at least a part of all 3 images. It is a fun, creative challenge and I try to participate whenever I can. For the April collage challenge I decided to make an ATC. I printed the images to fit on 1/4 of a page instead of a full 8 1/2 x 11" page. I think this size worked, what do you think? I used Adirondack Color Wash in lettuce, a brown watercolor crayon and a rubber stamp that has been in my collection for 20 years! Of course I cannot resist a little metallic marker!

click for more detail

This was fun, thank you Mary! 

Need inspiration? A challenge?

Looking for inspiration/ A place to start? Here are some creative things you can do for yourself in the new year. I am either partaking in these myself or I have in the past. They are all FREE! 
  • Strathmore 2012 Online Workshop Series: 3 free workshops. Doodles Unleashed (mixed media technique) Watercolor Sketching, and Force Drawing Technique, with 3 different instructors.
  • Book of Days with Effy Wild: art journaling with videos on how to create your own art journal and inspiration to fill it. This is a year long project with a Flickr group and a facebook group.
  • Green Pepper Press Street Team Challenges: Michelle Ward leads wonderful monthly art challenges for you to do in your own art journal and share as you wish by posting on your blog or flickr or wherever, linking via comments on the GPP blog.
  • Creative Jump Start Summit 2012: Hosted by Nathalie Kalbach and featuring I believe, 22 awesome artists and their "jump starts". I just watched the Jump Start #1 video with Dina Wakely and it was really so good! I look forward to more from the other artists.
  • Creative Every Day: with Leah Piken Kolidas. Inspiration and a place to share your creative activities, based on a theme if you wish. This is a "low pressure challenge with the idea of bringing more creativity into our lives." There is a flickr group for sharing as well.
  • Tag Tuesday: Hosted by Carolyn Saxby. Create a Tag on a seasonal theme that will be posted every Tuesday. Keep and use the tag yourself, but simply post a photo to Tag Tuesday. 
  • Art Journal Every Day: with Julie Fei-Fan Baltzer. I can't say enough good things about this project/challenge where the idea is to try to do a little (10 mins) art journaling every day. Lots of inspiration from Julie and fellow art-journalers on the accompanying flickr group.
  • Green Paper: with Mary Green. Every month Mary provides both images and a challenge to use them in any way you like, then share a link on her blog. The January challenge is here, and you have up until January 8th to upload yours. I often do these challenges and always enjoy. Mary has a wonderful bank of Vintage images which she so freely shares with us for this monthly challenge.
  • Penny from the Linen Shelf is soon to start an ATC challenge. Her idea is that we will make an ATC based on the calendar month and we will keep the ATC but add a link to her site, by the end of the month so we can all enjoy. My friend Joanna in the UK told me about this and it looks promising! 
  • Creative Swaps: hosted by me -but usually not free! (the only one in the bunch) There are no art exchanges running currently, but you will find creative swaps up and running again in the near future. You may sign up for the Swap Participants Newsletter - this will alert you to any NEW art swaps hosted by me. 

Of course, this is not a complete list. Just things I am interested in or involved in. I hope you find something intriguing here . . . . and go do something creative!! 

Welcome in the New Year well! : ^ ) lenna

Green Paper December challenge

My response to Mary Green's December 2011 challenge:
Where shall I go next? Europe or Kansas? 
(see below)

Each month Mary provides a collage sheet with 3 images and challenges us to create something, anything! All that is required is to use at least a part of all 3 images. For December's challenge she uploaded this lovely grouping for us to work with:

I printed this sheet out 3 times, once on brochure paper for a nice crisp print, once on vellum paper (translucent) and once on plain paper at 50% of the normal size so I would have some images smaller. I layered the vellum print of the lady with the hat directly over the paper copy of the same to soften it. Then I slipped the vellum copy of the map in between the two as I liked how it looked layered over her face, like she was thinking about traveling. I attached the smaller size calling card on top of the paper copy of the woman's hat, but underneath the vellum one and then stitched my papers together. I am thinking it would make a lovely postcard. Thank you Mary, once again! 

To see all of the entries for this month's challenge, please view this post on Mary's blog - Green Paper. All entries are due posted there by December 8th and you could win an awesome package of vintage book illustrations. Mary Green also teaches wonderful online classes. I learned so much and had so much fun taking her Your Vintage GlueBook class.

Thank you for your challenges, Mary.
They are a wonderful exercise in creativity and you know I'm all for that!

Green Paper Vintage Gluebook Page Swap

I registered for Mary Green's Vintage Gluebook page Swap last month, even though I was not positive I could do it ...this swap sounded so good, I just could not resist signing up. So, I was very happy to be able to complete my work for the swap and send it off to Mary today. I made six 5" x 7" pages to swap and an extra gluebook page for Mary, for her own book. To create these, I used what Mary had taught me in her wonderful online class, Your Vintage GlueBook and added my own style to them, to make my swap pages.

Above, the woman in the purple hat is from Alpha Stamps and printed on fabric. 
Each page has a strip of a dictionary over-print (tan with colorful birds, feathers) that I received as part of Mary Green's Collage Club - and I printed this collage sheet from Mary on vellum paper so you could see through to my background papers. 

Above a transparency I printed myself from an old postcard and postage stamps gifted to me from my friend Joanna Urbani (thank you!).

The image in the center is from ARTchix Studio. This one was Steven's favorite.

The "Across the Snow" page is again, from Joanna. xoxo
The transparency of the woman and the bird image are from ARTchix Studio.

Each page has a quote -most of them are LennaLines rubber stamps, which I no longer have as a business but still use quite often! 

an old map, ARTchix Studio image, postage stamps, a bit of Distress Ink.

I love this page! It makes me smile.

They all started with a single background page, glued to a piece of sturdy paper.

 Then I added a few items to each page.... Click for detail.

Then, I brought these pages and my travelling art kit  over to my parents house the other day. My mom had some errands she needed to do and while my dad was sleeping, I worked on these pages across the hall in the spare room. This was the best thing I could have done for myself. He did wake up and I was there, but in the meantime, I could work on these and free my mind. I highly recommend doing art as therapy.

The backs are done on the computer, but then printed onto paper I received from Mary Green, in her classes, or from the Collage Club. I used 3 different kinds of paper.

I really enjoyed creating these pages and so look forward to my returns! Besides my six swapped pages, Mary is adding additional vintage papers, and a vintage book cover. Thank you, Mary.

Mary Green's September Challenge

my september challenge response!

Each month Mary Green has a challenge on her blog Green Paper. She posts a collage sheet she's created with 3 images that you can download for free, and then create something for the challenge! The rules for the challenge are below. Mary also awards a yummy prize, choosing randomly from all of the entries.

Create any piece of art using at least part of each of the 3 images.
Post your work on your blog, Flickr album or somewhere on the web.
Link to it with the linky below so we can all visit you and see your creation.

This was September's challenge sheet -

I took a copy of the envelope and distressed it with ink, crumpled it and printed it in a smaller size. I usually take the images that Mary provides us and print them out in more than one size, sometimes on different types of paper. Then I'll combine the sizes I made.

I used a smaller size of the envelope with a larger size of the woman and I cut 
out only the words running along the bottom of this ad -

I did my collage on top of the lid to a cigar box that belonged to my dad. He does not smoke cigars anymore, but I know it was his box because Rosedale was his brand. Pretty funny, because my dad's name is Dale! I found the box in the garage while working on organizing my studio and figured the top would kind of be like working on an old book cover, like Mary Green taught us in an online class.

I've ripped the envelope open and Henry's letter has fallen out. Fanny's answer is written across her heart. Click on the photo to open it in a new window and then if you see a plus sign, click on the photo again to see more details. I used Distress inks to age the envelope, letter and the cigar box lid. I also sprayed Perfect Pearls mist in a pearl colour over most of this, but wiped a good portion of it away. I found the feather on the beach when walking the dogs the other day. It was sitting on my table and it really called to me to become Fanny's hat, or should I say, her veil?! 

I like Mary's challenges because they spark the creative part of my brain, challenging me to think, what could I do with that? Plus, there are lovely free images to collect and the fun of seeing what everyone else comes up with! I believe you have until midnight on Thursday, September 8th to enter. Please visit Mary's blog to view all the entries and enter yourself, if you like! I think I missed last month because I could not manage to squeeze it in, so it was really fun for me to create this for the September challenge. 

It is not hard to be a little creative every day! 

Green Paper July Collage challenge

Here is my response to Mary Green's collage challenge on her blog, Green Paper.
Mary provides 3 images and you have to use part of them in your collage.

I did my collage in a small moleskine journal that I had used in the past for Mary's classes and challenges. I like being provided with images and then being asked to see what I can come up with - creatively - in response! In this case, with Miss Helen Pritkin and the tickets that were included, I dreamed that she was wishing and hoping and wondering who she was going to use those tickets to the dance with! Those word stamps I used are journal prompt stamps designed by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and available at Stamping Bella-there are 20 words in the set. This was a great creative exercise for me. Mary Green does this challenge at the beginning of each month. I hope you will join us next month! In the meantime, you can check out all the challenge entries here on Green Paper.

: ^ ) lenna 

June Collage Challenge

Over at Green Paper, Mary green posted her June challenge. I saw it, printed out the free collage sheet of required items -you have to use at least some part of all three, and then promptly forgot about it! Luckily, Mary reminded me in a blog post. Here's what we needed to incorporate into our collage . . .

And here is what I did this afternoon:
Click for details. 

I printed the image of the mom, baby & sister twice in 2 different sizes onto presentation paper which I love for the way it makes colors pop! I used a larger size of the flower card as a frame for the family, cutting it out with little snips here and there to make it look nice and encircle my subjects well. For the Holidays was cut out of the perfume ad and placed in the corner; I added the word "home" in charcoal. I put everything on a background text sheet that Mary sent out in April as part of a Green Paper Collage Club mailing. Lastly, I used a Marvy Metallic marker to rim the edges and add a few splatters . . . something I never seem to tire of. Ask my friend Frieda, she has seen me do this technique of splattering for years -but she tells me she loves it!

Mary's challenges are great for making you stretch and trying new combinations in collage and I highly recommend them! Besides these challenges Mary also offers Your Vintage Gluebook as an online class. I took this class last year and so loved it. In celebration of having 300 students take this class in the past year, Mary is offering it at a special price, very affordable and you can read about it here. Again, highly recommended! I always learn a lot and produce a lot when working with Mary.

Hope you have a great evening . . . I have slowly been working on an art journal spread the past couple of days, but it is not quite ready yet. I will keep you posted! 

Green Paper Collage challenge!

At the beginning of every month, Mary Green gives a challenge on her blog, Green Paper. Here are the images she provided us for the March challenge, for free!

This is a re-sized version. To see the downloadable version of these images and what everyone has created with them, go to the March Collage challenge post. The idea is you must use at least part of all three images Mary provides. You can work with paper and glue or digitally, it's up to you. Post your entry online somewhere and then leave a link on Mary's blog directing others so they can see it. When the deadlines is up, Mary randomly chooses a winner and awards a prize - usually some of her yummy ephemera and old paper!

I've been busy so I almost did not get a chance to do this. My trick was to print the images out in a variety of sizes and on different papers and leave them out on my work table where I would see them!! It worked. I pulled this together first thing this morning. Here is a scan - click for more detail. I call it, "I love my bank!"

And then  a photo I took to try to capture more detail:

I always enjoy Mary's challenges, they make me stretch! 

A bird in the hand . . .

A bird in the hand . . . is worth 2 in the Japanese clover?

This is my entry for Mary Green's February Collage Challenge on her blog, Green Paper. Click on the link above to see the original collage items that Mary provided for us to use. All you have to do is use at least part of all 3 images. It is a really fun challenge! 

This is my first time ever, answering a challenge with a completely digital image. wow! I would have never dreamed I would have done this a year ago. But with the increase of photos I've been taking because of blipfoto, I also started to take a real interest in Photoshop and have been trying to learn. I have an older version of elements, but it certainly still works. I've figured out a lot on my own, and also benefited from taking a free mini course with Kim Klassen -well worth my time. I've learned a lot and I definitely know that I was able to do what I did for this challenge because of that mini course! 

I did not start out planning to do a digital piece for the challenge. But last night before going to bed I was thinking about what I was going to do - time was running out. I wanted the Lespedeza Striata or Japanese Clover to be intermingled with the people in the old photograph. I was thinking about cutting the plant out. That would mean lots and lots of teeny, tiny cuts . . . when a light bulb went off. "I bet I can do that in photoshop!". I could not remember what to do to get the look I wanted because of my inexperience, but all it took was a review of one of Kim's videos. The free course has ended, but for a very small fee we could continue to have access to her videos. What a great help that is! Even still, when I look at this piece of digital art I cannot believe I created it myself! It seems unfathomable for someone who really knows very little about Photoshop.

So, something new with something old! 
I hope Mary and her followers like it, I'm quite proud of it!

I have done some more art -real paper and glue type stuff, that I will share with you soon. Take care!

Green Paper Collage Club

Here is what I did with the second set of prompts and images my friend Mary Green gave us during the month of January as part of the Green Paper Collage Club! This club is a lot of fun and has just enough for me to do, but not too much. Images, ideas, prompts and exercises come right into your email inbox on the first and third Sundays of the month. I did this spread below, which focuses on the use of faces, in my small moleskine notebook that I started in Mary's Vintage Gluebook class.

The image of the woman which was provided in the Collage Club email, was printed on to semi-transparent vellum paper. I laid this image of the woman on top of a piece of ledger paper I printed out that Mary also provided. If you look closely (click for detail) you'll see some numbers and words like 'bread' and 'eggs' on her skin! I never really thought so much about the effects and impact faces can have in a collage until I did this lesson. I love how the woman really seems to be gazing off towards the snowy cabin. The black trim around the snowy scene is a French Border German Scrap border I found at Collage Stuff. Great stuff!!

You can join GPCC at anytime and for just one month at a time if you like! I find it well worth the nominal fee. There is a button in the side bar to take you there, or use the ink at the top of this post. Now I am off to share my work in the flickr group and see what else has been uploaded since I have been there last. It is always an inspiring group!! (thanks, Mary-love this idea!)

combining art

I've joined Mary Green's Collage Club and today I got my first email with a lesson and images to use-yay! I am also working in my sketchbook project moleskine, working to finish it up and send it off to join the others on tour. So I combined the two projects and followed Mary's lesson while getting another spread done in my sketchbook.

I used images provided by Mary and worked hard to follow her directions!

Now my sketchbook looks like this:

The next time I write about this sketchbook . . . . 
It will be the last time before I mail it off !!

how exciting! 

green paper challenge: The Inner Shrine

click for details
It's always a good idea to check out Mary Green's blog, Green Paper, but an especially good time to check it out is around the first of the month for her collage challenge. For this challenge, Mary provides a PDF file of vintage images you can download. Then she challenges us to use at least a part of all 3 images in any creation. I love doing these challenges because Mary inspires me to think creatively . . . what can I do with the images she provides?? It is always fun, it's free, and you get to see what other people do with the same images because they all get posted as links on her blog. It's really a great thing! Mary provides one week for you to get something done. You share your creation by posting it somewhere online -your blog, flickr, website, anywhere you can point a specific link to. There is also a random winner at the end of the week, that usually wins a free download from Mary's e-store, Green Paper Packages.

To see the original images Mary provided for this challenge or join in yourself, go to her January College Challenge post on her blog. I took the images provided -the couple, the roses and the ledger sheet, and printed them out a number of times on various papers and a transparency sheet. I also printed them out in different sizes and just played. What i liked best was the ledger sheet overprinted onto a tan marbled stationery sheet with butterflies. I used this as my base.

The most fun I had was mounting one of the images of the couple
onto a piece of foam core . . . click for details.

I did go a little crazy with the roses . . .
but it was fun! 

Thank you, Mary!!! 

I will be doing Mary's Collage Club too, which starts tomorrow! 
That will be one sure way to keep the new year bright!