inchie challenge

On Helga Strauss' blog: My ARTistic Life the challenge this week was to get inspired by creating inchies, 5 inchies, either one a day or all at once. I picked the "all at once" option, and here are my efforts.

It had been a while since i had created any "inchies" (1" x 1" collages) and i had truly forgotten just how small they were! So, i decided to start making them more or less together, cutting them apart at the end for any final embellishing. I took my 1" square pieces of scrapbook paper and glued them to a piece of watercolor paper.

next, i drew around the edges of the squares with a watercolor crayon. Yes, i use these all the time!
I used a wet brush on the crayon to activate it
adding rubber stamping (CatsLife Press) with StazOn ink
added more crayon to the paper squares (yellow)
then cut the inchies apart -phew!
a little more stamping (stars) and words from ARTchix and i was done ; ^ )

Thanks, Helga!! Another great challenge! ~lenna young andrews - February 1, 2010

Mermaid Inchies

On the Alpha Stamps Yahoo Group Bella Ayers is hosting some fabulous swaps. First I participated in the Fairytale ATC swap and shared my creations with you in an earlier post (scroll down once there, to see them). Now, here are the "inchies" I created for the Alpha Stamps mermaid/bathing beauty theme. We were required to make 10 for the swap; I made a few extras. Steven always loves it if I make an extra for him. I was glad I did make extras when some went missing . . . . WARNING! Do not leave a collection of inchies on the dining room table while you watch an old movie IF you have two young cats in the house! We lost 3 inchies for some time; one was not found until the next morning!

I created these inchies by cutting 1" squares out of a couple of fabric images from the Alpha Stamps Mermaids #2 sheet. Next I added the seahorses (pronged) by punching through the fabric with an awl and then placing the prongs in the holes and securing them over with a hammer. These are also from Alpha Stamps and are called pronged seahorses. To cover up the back of the prongs I mounted the fabric pieces on 1" squares of white corrugated paper. Then I continued to embellish these teeny tiny works of art by adding real shells or pieces of shells, my favorite iridescent glass spheres, glitter, a sea oats picked up on the beaches in Sanibel, FL and a few pieces of sea glass.

Some close ups are below; click on any photo for more detail --
p.s. Steven chose to keep the top right inchie on the right : ) cool!

Brown Inchies RECEIVED!

Wow! These are all the Inchies I received in a swap hosted by Frieda on This site is closing (02/08), but a new trading site is being set up: ~ Click on the picture to the left for an up close view of these luscious inchies.

My chocolate brown Inchie, you might remember from an earlier post, is in the bottom right corner and looks like a chocolate. You can tell this was my first inchie swap because my inchie is quite substantial -I was a little generous when measuring . . . oh well! Please overlook this if you received one of mine and I will try to measure better in the future.

When I decide what to do with these little chocolate gems, I will share it here. Thanks very much to all the participants in Frieda's swap and many thanks to Frieda for organizing & getting me hooked!!

Gold Inchies

This is how my most recent set of inchies (*gold inchies*) started out. I took some very thick, wrinkly & really *gold* paper (on a roll) and some lovely white mulberry paper with a gold pattern on it from my paper stash. I put these two papers together with gel medium, back to back. I folded some of the mulberry paper over onto the solid gold side & let this sandwich dry. Then, I cut my new paper into 1" strips, and then, 1" squares.

Next, I wrapped my squares with gold thread and finished them off by adding a Gold word charm from ARTchix Studio. These gold inchies look like teeny presents! If you click on the photo above, it will take you to my Flickr photo sharing account where you can see photos of the other Inchie swaps I have participated in. I only started trying out Inchie swaps recently, when I saw my friend Frieda Oxenham hosting them on (This site is closing (02/08), but a new trading site is being set up: ). Creating these little worrks of art is more fun than I expected, and quite a nice challenge to figure out what to do on such a small space! I just received my first set of inchies back, from my first swap ~chocolate (brown) inchies! They are really incredible and I am dreaming up ways to display them : ) Thanks for looking! ~please click on any photo for more detail . . .

Inchies (my first)

Hmmmm . . . . what do a box of chocolates have to do with "inchies" you say?? Well, my friend Frieda Oxenham is hosting a 'chocolate' brown inchies swap through ATCards! (This site is closing (02/08), but a new trading site is being set up: ). I had never made an inchie before but Frieda certainly got me interested with all the uploads on her blog and I knew she would be a wonderful hostess . . . so I signed up! There was some talk of real chocolates on the ATCard forum and it gave me an idea. I found a photo of chocolates - and knew I would use it somehow to make my first inchies.

Inchies are just that, 1" square little works of art, fabric or paper. A very small work space! But I did enjoy the challenge. I took the photo and played with the size, testing it on plain paper first. When I got the photo the size I wanted (1-inch chocolates!) I printed it out onto fabric that was already prepared with an adhesive backing. Then I attached the chocolate printed fabric to a piece of fuzzy chocolate brown fleece fabric I had leftover from another project. I sewed with a zig zag stitch around each chocolate in preparation to cut them out.

They seemed like they need more, my inchies. They were just too plain simply printed out onto fabric, so I used brown acrylic paint, prisma glitter and little clear but captivating Iridescent Glass Spheres from Alpha Stamps - I can't get enough of these! Below is what my chocolate inchies looked like after decorating -- click on any photo for a larger more detailed view - note the 2 empty wrappers!

And below still, what my inchies looked like cut up with pinking sheers and ready to be sent to Frieda --

I also signed up for Frieda's Silver Inchies swap . . . I figured if I tried making inchies once, I may as well try again and see what I think! This time I did not use fabric, but a silver duct wrapping tape I got from the hardware store that I have used in altered books before because it is easily tooled. I used the same principal for the inchies, tooling it with a dull pencil., making marks. I started like this below, a full sheet. I attached the duct tape to a piece of cardstock and doodled away:

and my inchies ended up like this!

It was fun, Frieda!
- and a first for me.

Thank you. I look forward to my returns and we'll see what I cook up to do with them to display them : )