sunrise and sunset

For our anniversary, we drove to the east coast of Florida on the 10th of June. We woke up early on the 11th - our actual wedding anniversary and watched the sunrise over the Atlantic ocean on Vero beach.

Then we drove west across Florida and back home. We rested since we were up so early and then went out for dinner on the beach to celebrate! From our vantage point there on Anna Maria Island, we could watch the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico . . . more of the story is here.

a very happy day, filled with reconnecting and reaffirming. Best wishes to you!

Love yourself first and everything falls into line.
 ~ Lucille Ball

quiet creativity

Yes! I am still here, working quietly in the background.
If you could see me, you'd find me taking lots of photographs and even a video or two, traveling to state parks & disovering Florida on my "date days" with Steven, tweaking my blogs and websites, talking with my husband, my mom and my sister, visiting local beaches and gathering treasures, taking Nia movement classes (the best thing I have done for myself during this time), and celebrating an anniversary of the heart on October 25th with Steven by going to Sanibel Island last week, one of our favorite spots.

Plus, I have been visiting Museums, watching dance performances, cooking creatively, planting flowers (and weeding!) plus harvesting basil, parsley, rosemary and even romaine lettuce, wow! I have been quiet here on my blog since my dad passed away, I think because I have not done a lot of mixed media art like I usually do -that is what I typically share here. I realized the other day though, that I have been doing a whole lot of other creative things while I have been thinking, processing and of course, supporting my mom. It feels right, but I wanted you to know.

"date day" at Myakka River State Park Oct 16

Yes, you must be aware of Alligators!
Myakka River State Park is one of Florida's oldest and largest parks.

76 feet up - Myakka has a canopy walk through the trees and a tower to climb up!

beautiful treasures on a Longboat Key beach

Steven being silly - pretending to fish like an Ibis! 

a beautiful Sanibel Sunset

There's more I could share, that's for sure -but this is enough! I'll be back . . . . I am just taking my time about it and not worrying. -yours creatively, lenna

take the train

For our wedding anniversary last Saturday the 11th of June we celebrated with a "date" of taking a train ride! The Florida Railroad Museum in Parrish, Florida offers just that. From their website: The Museum offers one of the most unique museum experiences in the world. Here you "Ride the Exhibits!" : ^ )

I highly recommend a visit!

* Our Engineer *

* Our Trains *

*Our Conductor *

* waiting to be refurbished *

* On the Train, wearing the hat Steven gave me for our anniversary *

 * the engine car switching from front to back *

There is a story here. The hat you saw me wearing above got swept off my head within 10 minutes of us boarding the train. We were in the open air car and whoosh! I thought the hat was gone. That was really too bad, Steven had just given it to me earlier that day. When the train ride was over, I saw Steven talking to one of the train guys. He asked if he could walk the track and look for my hat? No, they couldn't allow that, but the young man he asked said the train was going back to the yard on the same track and he would look for the hat himself. Could we drive our car up the road and meet them at the yard? If he found the hat he would give it to us there.

We drove, and waited in the hot sun. 

Then we saw the train coming!! No passengers, just the guys who worked or volunteered. The young man on the end had my hat in his hands!!! It was worth the drive and the wait.

Your hat, Ma'am.
Thank you!!! I said.
I was so happy. The whole experience was just so great. 
This young man was so passionate about his job & keeping the trains alive & well.
There are more photos of our train day, in a set HERE. ; ^ ) 
~ thank you for listening to story I wanted to share. lenna