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I did a bit of art lately which was really nice - very relaxing; I will share it with you here. This is the front and back of a page I did for Michelle Dressler's Fabric Book for the FBRR (fabric book round robin) I am participating in! She had a theme of dance for her book and wished for some texture. You can see more from the exchange by following the link above - click on the pictures below for more detail.

I am really happy with the way this page turned out. The images are from Terrie Lightfoot's Lost Art Creations and quite beautiful. I like the richness of the colors and the way cool paper flowers from artchix studio - this was the first time I used them. It was great to create something after the busy-ness we've been though! The news is: we listed our home for sale on Monday. To get ready for this when you are a messy artist with lots of art stuff is a lot of work; not to mention the rest of the house had to get picked up and cleared out too! But we did it . . . I guess we did a good job too, and combine that with a good agent -- because we already have a buyer for our home. They came to see the house on Tuesday, gave us an offer that night, and we signed the contract by Wednesday! There are the usual contingencies to be met and another deposit to be made, but we are slated to close on October 12th. A little unbelievable, but true!

We are looking for a new home, a little larger than our present home and we are fine tuning & zeroing in on one that might fit us very well. Keep us in your thoughts! The one we have our eye on has a separate studio attached to the house with room enough for both Steven & I to work in. Sounds good, eh? He has had no art space really since we moved here because he never got comfortable with the basement; who can blame him! My space was too small to add his drafting table.

Back to creating art - I also recently finished a spread in Shauna Palmer's Altered Book for the Round Robin I am hosting -please go to the ABR RR blog to check it out! I am really enjoying working in altered books again. I first got started with Shauna through an exchange she hosted on art-e-zine back in 2001.

The Garden ATC swap (fabric) I hosted has finished up and I've announced two new swaps! One is an ATC swap held in conjunction with Alpha Stamps on a Mother goose theme - due 10/27/07 and the other is a one for one fabric bag swap due 11/15/07. You can read all the specs on my swaps blog. Please let me know if you are interested in joining as I just have a few open spots left. Even though I will be moving, these swaps will go on! As soon as I know the date and the new address I will let you know. It will work out! The Circle Book page swap is bringing in some fantastic art - due 9/7/07. See the results on the creative swaps blog!

I had the most fun tonight going to see my friend Carla Kurt do her demo at the Flatbread Restaurant in Canton, CT where she has a show of her paintings this month. I did a demo/show at Flatbread in May of this year - see the pics here. My scarves are still hanging there as the owner Brian bought them from me when I did the show! Carla is going to ask Flatbread to donate the proceeds from auctioning off her painting to A place to bark - what a great idea!!!!! here is my favorite picture from the evening - me & carla!

and steve & carla . . . and her paintings and my scarves : )

hope you enjoy!!

Bookmark for July ART Lotto

Here is my bookmark for the July ART Lottery on the art-e-zine yahoo group - click on the images for a more detailed view! I won the June by the Sea Art Lottery (it is a random drawing) - if you enter you have a chance of winning ALL the art posted! I hope you join us, it will be fun. As the winner I choose the medium of bookmarks with a theme of favorite quotes. If you are a member of the art-e-zine yahoo group all you have to do is make one and upload it - easy! This bookmark is yet another piece I have made using a copy of my fabric & paper collage that I created last week (scroll down). This time I stamped white leaves on top . . .

art-e-zine yahoo: By The Sea!

I participated in the art-e-zine yahoo group's Art Lottery for June (here is my entry) and WON! It is a random drawing . . . anyone who creates a piece of art based on the media & theme (postcards & by the sea) and uploads it to the group has a chance to win!
: ^ ) This was my first time to win & I am thrilled. I should receive 1/2 dozen beautiful postcards in my mailbox soon, all on the theme of 'by the sea'. There were lots of nice Vintage entries, so I look forward to this! As winner I get to choose the NEXT Art Lottery for July and pick a random winner at the end of the month. I have choosen bookmarks and a favorite quote - why don't you join us?

I used a reprint (reduced) of a cover image from LOOK magazine, circa 1964 I think? I used Diva Rubber Stamps (no longer in biz) and other various stamps - with StazOn inks. Then I used watercolor crayons & twinkling H2Os. yum! Steven said, "that looks familar somehow" (the kissing) when I showed it to him, fresh man! Smiles to you, from Lenna.

secret garden fabric tags

These are the tags I created for a 'secret garden' fabric tag swap hosted by Dawn Sellers and sponsored by art-e-zine UK! We were to create (10) 3" x 5" Fabric Tags with a hole, on a secret garden theme, send them to dawn. When they are all collected she will swap them and put them together by lacing through the hole, into little "Tag Books" for each of us before sending them back home. Fun! I used a shipping tag about the same size for my base (it's inside each one) and had fun creating different window for each tag. The image in the window is printed on paper and it's of a woman playing in a secret garden! Enjoy, and thanks, Dawn! The Tags are on their way to you 6/8/07. (Click on any photo for more detail on how I created these!)

Grungy Wallet Swap!

These are the Grungy Wallets I made for a swap hosted by Evie Zaccardelli through the art-e-zine café (a yahoo group). Gillian Allen, the owner of the wonderful art-e-zine "play with art" website, came up with a new technique she called "Plastic Fantastic" combining fabric, collage bits, paper and gel medium and posted it to the yahoo group. We were challenged to use this technique to create our swap pieces - our wallets - complete with an inside clear plastic liner to hold stuff. This was an interesting challenge that I enjoyed doing. The wallets are being sent off to Evie in the UK tomorrow so she can swap them out! (Note: On 5/17/07 - Evie has received them in Scotland, already. A new record, we think!)

Below: Wallets folded (front). The image of the girl artist & gold trim is from ARTchix Studio
GrungyWallet Swap-May07001
The word stamps: 'Passion Counts' and 'It's the little things' are from Claudia Rose. The ART stamp (right) is from Alpha Stamps.

Wallets folded (back)
GrungyWallet Swap-May07002
Wallets flat & stretched out (the front)
Wallets flat & stretched out (the inside - plastic pocket)

more Passion!

I started this passion themed book for a RR I'm doing through art-e-zine earlier this month and had pretty much finished the cover. But the book has been hanging around in my studio for a while now while I was thinking about what to do for the inside before sending it off. I started by finishing the cover! I added a bit of trim I had painted for another project (silk scarves) to the edge of the cover and I also added a velvet rose/leaf. I glued these things on with tacky glue for the trim and Goop glue for the leaf/rose. Next, I looked around my studio for texture and passion and gathered up a few things to create a textural, passionate page! I ended up making 2 pages for this RR book because I wanted to try my idea for how I'd like to put all the pages together when the book returns home. I've cut out denim "spines" to use to connect two pages together (see photos below). Later, I will sew through ALL the denim pieces connecting two pages and also through the denim piece on the cover. The participants in the RR will only have to create one page, and I will fix them up - sew them together, when it comes home. See below - click on any photo for more detail:

For texture (my sub theme) I used cordoroy, velvet, a piece of knitting my mother did, transparencies, silk, metal and buttons. On the first page, for my passion theme, I concentrated on passionate kissing with images from ARTChix Studio and Alpha Stamps, follow your heart - and other stamps by the deeelightful Claudia Rose - and I added a scan (a transparency, placed over muslin so it would show better) of my husband & my wedding rings/hands. For page two, I used image transfers and inkjet prints of photos onto fabric that express my love and passion for walking outside. I will wrap this book up in a Priority envelope and mail it to Sara in Tennesee tomorrow, march 31st - wow! Dawn Seller's fabric Book RR has begun! : ) Lenna

Fabric Book RR

The cover of my book for Dawn Seller's Fabric Book RR
If you click on the photos you can view them larger I think I have pretty much finished the cover for my book that I will be sending out for a fabric Book RR (round robin) at the end of this month. That reminds me! I wrote an article for the on-line zine/web site called art-e-zine about Round Robins. The artist behind art-e-zine is Gillian Allen, and she did an amazing job with the article & photos I provided her. She has published it and you can read it here:

This fabric book is for an exchange hosted by Dawn Sellers and one of the many swaps and exchanges you can do through art-e-zine:

I am happy with my progress - I still need to create a page to go inside to start the exchange & give the other artists a feel for my theme. The image on the front cover is a beautiful fabric image from Alpha Stamps Theater Collage sheets called, The Balcony. I am happy to have figured out the structure of my book, the size, the sign-in page or tags for the other artists, and how to leave some notes & instructions . . . . . oh! There is a blog that is going to follow the progress of this fabric book RR and you can view it here: - enjoy! Lenna

Oh So Charming . . . .

Here is a sampling of the shell and wire charms I created for Dawn Seller's Oh So Charming Swap that I found through the art exchange page on the wonderful UK site: art-e-zine. This was a challenging swap for me. I racked my brain trying to figure out something different to do . . . . then while Steven & I were vacationing in Florida on Sanibel Island, my answer came clear. The amount of shells that already had holes in them was so abundant! I collected them and then when I returned home in January, I played around using wire & beads to make these lovely shells into charms! Thanks, Dawn. I look forward to my returns!