Butterfly Project update

I was delighted this morning to find an update on Trudi Sissons' blog that showcased a beautiful photo of my contribution to the Butterfly Project (below) as well as a photo of what my friend Joanna Urbani in the UK contributed; click here to read her post. Trudi has received over 400 butterflies from 18 countries! She will send them in to the Holocaust Museum in Houston, Texas at the end of this year for the upcoming exhibit at the museum, Spring of 2014. Trudi is winding down her part in the project, but you still have a full year to participate through the Holocaust Museum. They are accepting submissions through December 31, 2012. The museum has already collected over 900,000 hand made butterflies. Read more about this project/exhibit here on their site. I hope it is something you can do too.

Butterfly by Lenna Andrews make of feathers & shell
Photo by Trudi Sissons
2011 - The butterfly project

The Butterfly Project

Please read about this project here. There is still time to participate!



I signed up for this project last year, kept procrastinating and then finally created my butterfly when I knew I could add it to the 4x4 package I was sending to Trudi Sissons. Trudi has organized a group project supporting the Holocaust Museum in Houston, Texas. The Butterfly Project mandate was created to remember the 1,500,000 innocent children who perished as a result of the Holocaust by collecting 1.5 million handmade butterflies. In Spring of 2013, these butterflies will then become a breath-taking exhibition to serve as a memory of this event. More information is here. I have been collecting feathers and sea shells quite a lot these days and they called to me to create my butterfly. i simply arranged the feathers and used GOOP glue to hold them together between 2 shells. It was a simple creation, but I feel it was effective. Trudi has collected over 370 handmade butterflies so far with more to come: see the butterfly gallery here. "Be the change you want to see in the world." 
- I am honored to be a part of this project.