wolfe island, ontario

Steven and I are preparing for a 3-day, 1500 mile drive from Florida to Canada with our 2 dogs Asia & Chloe, our boat Chelsea and two canoes! The 2-person Peterborough canoe my dad made will go on the roof of our Subaru. This ensures that Steve and I can take some beautiful canoeing trips together, most likely with the dogs in the boat too - they don't like to be left behind!

Steven's small one-man sailing canoe he rigged himself will fit inside our boat Chelsea. We'll be trailering Chelsea behind the Subaru. With the little sailing canoe he'll have the opportunity to explore on his own . . . and with it's tuned-up lawn mower engine, Chelsea can take all of us lots of places - even across the river to Kingston! Remember, we are going to be on an island! Since the family cottage is directly on the St. Lawrence River - mouth of Lake Ontario, the availability of boats is a high priority for Steven : ) Below you'll see the bunkhouse of the cottage to your left.

This is a family parcel with many cottages that Steven grew up going to in the summer-time. Every year he would go to Wolfe Island with his family and later on his own. His grandmother was born in the 'big house' on the property and between that big house and all the cottages on the property, Steven would see various cousins, Aunts and Uncles every year. He has a very large extended family with about 140 relatives! The first time I went to Wolfe Island was in 2005 after we married. The impression it left on me was that it was such a beautiful and peaceful place. Wolfe Island is very rural, in fact Steven's family still owns farm fields there. We went there together every summer until after we moved from Connecticut to Florida in late 2009. We did not want to leave town while my dad was ill with cancer. Dad passed away October 1, 2011 and we decided this year to make the long drive in August and stay for 3 weeks. Here is why I love it so . . . these photos are from our last trip there in 2009. Below, Steven walking towards the 'big house' and the Oats Barn. If you click on it you may be able to see the widow's walk on top. The St. Lawrence and the boat docks are down the hill to the left.

Below - the Deming's Dock was originally constructed by Steven's great grandfather and updated by his Dad in the 1960's. Kingston, Ontario is across the way.

 The 'big house' where Steven's grandmother was born.

Looking from the big house - that is the drive shed. The cottage we share with Steve's brothers is on the other side of it.

 Steven's grandmother's garden at the big house.

 Looking from the big house across the river to Kingston.

 Something new in 2009 was added to the farmer's cow fields - wind turbines!

walking down Third Line road . . . I had just taught Asia how to do a "High 10!"

 The cottage steps that look out over the river, towards Kingston - 3 1/2 miles away.

 Getting our boat "Buzzy's" motor ready . . . you see Asia and Chloe keeping their distance!!

 such cutie pies... they are sitting in one of our driveways!

The motor is ready so off we go! Steven has had this boat since he was a kid.

 You can tell Asia hates boating, huh?

 The family property as seen from Buzzy . . .

 Love this!!!

 In 2009 we trailered the melonseed sailboat my dad built up to Canada. Here is Steven paddling it around the dock to where we can get in, take off and go sailing.

 The dogs are following, not wanting to be left behind . . .

 Asia is ready to go!

 me and Chloe too ; )

We also love canoeing when there . . . . in my dad's handbuilt Peterborough

 The Simcoe Island ferry is in the distance -it's a cable ferry.

 Simcoe island is directly in front of us.

 I think you can see why we like wolfe island . . . . life is much quieter there.

 And I have a fabulous studio there!

This year my son Decklin and his partner Tina will spend a week with there with us too. : )) so nice. The internet speed is very scarce on the island with only dial-up. I will turn my attention to other things I think. You may hear from me again before we leave - but if not, don't worry!
There is a cute 2 minute video I did in 2009 with some additional photos: Wolfe Island.

And there are also earlier photos on my original web site. They are from 2005-2008 and one photo shows me finding my art on the cover of Expression Magazine for the first time, in a bookstore in Kingston, Ontario!!! Enjoy and thanks for visiting, lenna

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roads + paths - 4x4 swap

Over on my creative swaps blog I am hosting a 4x4 mixed media collage swap with a theme of roads + paths. I am the first the submit a set, but let's be fair - there is no mailing time for me and I just announced it! For my first set, I printed images directly onto a watercolor type paper and then used a wet brush to manipulate the printing ink. I think it gives the photo a watercolor-like appearance. Next, I added related rubber stamped words to the front and a bit of journaling to the back of each 4x4. There are 5 more to see (i made extras) on the creative swaps blog along with more info on the swap. Hope you enjoy, and possibly join us. It will be fun!
lenna young andrews - February 27th, 2010

an adventure

Christmas was very simple for us this year with our move from Connecticut to Florida . . .  no big celebrations; just a quiet visit with my mom & dad (well, and 4 dogs!) and my mom had a small and most delicious party on christmas eve. Presents were very minimal this year, and it was actually nice! Steven did go out and buy me a few lovely little things (he said he just had to!) and I really wanted to make him a small piece of art, shown above. It is the same size as the first piece of art I gave him in 2004 when we had just connected again, which is shown below. Wow, both pieces use the same masking tape background technique. I think this, the small size, and that they are made for him especially, is why he likes them!

Well, moving here is a huge adventure in itself, so that is part of the reason for the words on my christmas collage for Steven. Since moving to Florida, Steven has made a point of getting out every day to explore the area either by himself or with me and the dogs. He has taken the single-man canoe my dad made for him out many, many times since we've arrived, when the tide is right. Below is a photo of my dad with the "featherweight" canoe he made for Steve in 2006.

Here in Bradenton, FL we are surrounded by water. We have the Manatee River, Palma Sola Bay and Tampa Bay, plus lots of other waterways I am not even familiar with! The tide makes a huge difference on when you can paddle or even motor boat, this much I know. I would say my Steven is definitely a 'boat guy'. He grew up summers right on the St. Lawrence River in Canada with all kinds of boats: motor boats, row boats, canoes, kayaks & sailboats, and he was an avid white water paddler when he was in his 30's and 40's. Now he loves to flat water canoe.  I wanted to create something for him that reflected these adventures he has lately been embracing.

For his collage at the top, I started with one of the backgrounds I teach in my collage on canvas online workshop, a masking tape background. I laid masking tape down on a small 2.5" x 3.5" canvas and covered it with a Halo Blue Gold Lumiere paint. It is hard to tell in the photo but it has a true luminescence to it and changes colour when you shift the canvas. I chose that color for it's water-likeness and then looked for a few words and images i might have. I think the small photo in the middle is of my nephew dale, at the same family get-together as the picture of Steven & Asia above. When we lived on a small lake in Avon, CT in 2006, we had a BYOB - Bring your Own Boat (a handmade Dale Andrews boat!) party. We had 3 wee lassies (single man) canoes, 2 larger canoes, and 1 sailboat all made by my dad out on this teeny tiny lake, Secret Lake! Another photo from that day is below - my mom & dad are getting the Melonseed sailboat ready, the same boat Steven & I towed here 3 weeks ago along with 5 other boats!

In my collage for Steven, the words and the transparency image of the woman  are from ARTchix Studio.com. The words are from ARTchix's Tell me More collage sheet. There are so many great words you can add to a collage on this sheet; as usual, Helga has done an awesome job! I also added a bit of rubber stamping with permanent ink on top of my masking tape background, as I often like to do for depth. To me the stamping of the branches represents the mangrove trees here and all the canoeing through tunnels, and other new adventures that Steven has been having! merry christmas, steven!
-lenna young adnrews - december 27th, 2009

Asia and Chloe say "we are ready!"

One of my favorite photos from our visit to Wolfe Island in Ontario, Canada -July 2009. This is the 2 person (and 2 dog!) Peterborough canoe -a hand made cedar strip canoe made by my father. In this photo we're about to take off on the St. Lawrence River in front of the Deming Cottage on Wolfe Island. Both Asia and Chloe have no fear of boating and jump right in and in fact whine and cry if Steven wants to go solo! My dad made the beautiful paddles and hand caned the seats as well - view the making of these boats HERE.

If you are so inclined to see the many, many photos Steven and I took during our 12 days there this year, the easiest way is this flickr slideshow --just click on that link and then click “show info” on the top of the screen if you want to see my comments and descriptions! enjoy! Lenna Young Andrews, July 27th, 2009

from the widows walk . . .

from the widows walk, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Taken in 2008 by Tina (my son decklin's girlfriend), from the widows walk on top of the 'Big House' where Steven's grandmother was born! ~Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada. We'll leave on Sunday 7/12/09 for two glorious weeks here! I won't be bringing a computer, so I will just check in at the library a few times . . . . instead, lots of reading, sailing and canoing the boats my dad made, family time, walks with dogs, lots of art time for me -heaven! I have a few more art things to post before I go, but wanted to share this now . . . . that is the St. Lawrence River, which is 3 miles wide there - looking at Kingston, Ontario across the way. Wolfe Island is the largest of the Thousand Islands and is located at the mouth of Lake Ontario. One of the most beautiful places I have had to good fortune to visit!