dancing gratitude

I met Debbie Moran through Nia classes, Conscious Movement and Dancing Gratitude-all fun dance and movement related classes/events I have enjoyed very much since moving to Florida. Debbie asked her friend Michael Ringalever to film Dancing Gratitude on Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota and he put this cool video together. When Debbie shared it she wrote, "Christmas Day my friends and I celebrated our version of White Christmas by Dancing Gratitude on Siesta Key Beach."  ; ^ ) I could not attend Christmas day, but some of you may remember me participating on Thanksgiving day. Large silk scarves are used and people passing by are encouraged to join in and and dance their gratitude with us. I love this video; it is so full of joy!

The direct link is here if you cannot see the video.

From the Dancing Gratitude page, "This dance of gratitude begins wherever you are in the moment and has the capacity to bring a sense of inner peace and calmness back into play, combining movement, fun and gratitude to help release the stresses of the world and raise our vibrations, enabling us to create our own "healthier" version of reality ... one of both inner and world peace."

Love this! I hope you enjoy. Here are some photos from November's gratitude dancing . . .


my favorite photo of the day with Debbie on the left
and Mary on the right.

In gratitude, lenna

a wonderful day in Connecticut

I arrived back in my home state of CT late yesterday afternoon; my sister happily picked me up at the airport. It is funny how someplace that was once so familiar looked very different to me. I have not been here -have not left Florida for 2 years. But we had a wonderful day today. We visited with family and reminisced about my dad. My sons were in town visiting their dad for Thanksgiving and I got to spend many hours with them and their significant others today. You can see below, how it made me smile.

with my oldest son, Decklin. Amazingly, he is 30 years old.

Ian and Dale -my nephews (L), Decklin and my other son Dallas -he's 27!
It was really fun for my sister and I to see our boys together again.

The lovely women that are with my sons: Decklin's legal partner, Tina
and Dallas' wife Liz; newly married!

my sister Kathy and her husband Dan 
It was quite the crowd and a lovely day!

The weather even cooperated. It was very mild for the Northern state of CT at this time of year, which suited me just fine considering I am more used to 70-degrees. It's good to be here . . . although someone named Steven called me on the phone tonight and said the house was just not the same without me and even Asia was acting a little down. I guess they miss me! I have another full day to spend with my sister and her family and will head back to Florida on Monday. The good news is Kathy, Dan and their boys will be coming down to stay with my mom for a week around Christmas. My boys & their significant others hope to come to FL and stay with Steven and I for a few days in February. My fingers are crossed! I hope you were able to enjoy time recently with your family, thanks for the opportunity to share mine with you! yours creatively, lenna

kathy's favorite photo I took on our walk this afternoon


yesterday i celebrated my gratitude for all i have and will recieve . . .

first, by joining my new friends in Sarasota I've met through Nia to dance on the beach.

It seems that many people who live in Florida celebrate their Thanksgiving by going to the beach with family and friends. One woman who stopped by and danced with us told us it was their tradition to get up early and cook, then come to the beach for the day and have dinner later. Some people even cooked their Thanksgiving dinner in the pavilions right there next to the beach! 

football on the beach was big . . . 

but I enjoyed dancing barefoot in the sun best of all.

we received both looks of curiosity and big smiles . . . 


what a wonderful way to start my day.

I traveled back home, 45 minutes but a quiet drive and prepared for my second Thanksgiving, a feast at Lucas Boatworks, where my husband is one of the 5 full-time builders. It was amazing!

Steven made mashed potatoes

This is held in the open pole barn where they build boats -all cleaned up!

 happy thanksgiving to Chloe and Asia too! 

 Dave Lucas, Steven and Austin

Austin is working in Steve's shop making a guitar with some of my dad's wood!

Austin has a nickname, "wood" and a tattoo of the same!

Always something fun going on at Lucas boatworks : )

we are grateful.

I am off to fly to Connecticut and visit my sister and family. Both of my sons and their wives/partners will come down to my sister's house from Boston - I can't wait! wishing you the best, lenna