sunrise and sunset

For our anniversary, we drove to the east coast of Florida on the 10th of June. We woke up early on the 11th - our actual wedding anniversary and watched the sunrise over the Atlantic ocean on Vero beach.

Then we drove west across Florida and back home. We rested since we were up so early and then went out for dinner on the beach to celebrate! From our vantage point there on Anna Maria Island, we could watch the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico . . . more of the story is here.

a very happy day, filled with reconnecting and reaffirming. Best wishes to you!

Love yourself first and everything falls into line.
 ~ Lucille Ball

take the train

For our wedding anniversary last Saturday the 11th of June we celebrated with a "date" of taking a train ride! The Florida Railroad Museum in Parrish, Florida offers just that. From their website: The Museum offers one of the most unique museum experiences in the world. Here you "Ride the Exhibits!" : ^ )

I highly recommend a visit!

* Our Engineer *

* Our Trains *

*Our Conductor *

* waiting to be refurbished *

* On the Train, wearing the hat Steven gave me for our anniversary *

 * the engine car switching from front to back *

There is a story here. The hat you saw me wearing above got swept off my head within 10 minutes of us boarding the train. We were in the open air car and whoosh! I thought the hat was gone. That was really too bad, Steven had just given it to me earlier that day. When the train ride was over, I saw Steven talking to one of the train guys. He asked if he could walk the track and look for my hat? No, they couldn't allow that, but the young man he asked said the train was going back to the yard on the same track and he would look for the hat himself. Could we drive our car up the road and meet them at the yard? If he found the hat he would give it to us there.

We drove, and waited in the hot sun. 

Then we saw the train coming!! No passengers, just the guys who worked or volunteered. The young man on the end had my hat in his hands!!! It was worth the drive and the wait.

Your hat, Ma'am.
Thank you!!! I said.
I was so happy. The whole experience was just so great. 
This young man was so passionate about his job & keeping the trains alive & well.
There are more photos of our train day, in a set HERE. ; ^ ) 
~ thank you for listening to story I wanted to share. lenna 

valentine book!

Well, I did it! I made a small valentine book for Steven, that is : ^ )
I was scrambling to find the time to make this and I finished at the last minute, just in the nick of time . . .  but I am so glad I did. Steven loved the little book! Tim's video was all I needed to figure it out, see my previous post.

This is the first time I ever made this book -a mini one he calls it the "W" book. So, being my first time it is not that polished and the back cover should have been folded in the other direction. If I had paid more attention the whole book would show the red side of the paper (the back cover only shows the tan side). But, oh well! Steven did not seem to mind : ) This little book is 3" x 3" and made from one single piece of 12" x 12" paper. Here are a bunch of photos for you!

I made an "envelope" out of pretty paper that was
gifted to me : )

click on any photo for more detail

found text -an idea from my Altered book lessons I'll soon be teaching!!

3 of the pages are pockets!

This is a printed business card by MOO printing
you can see the back of it below left - address etc is below that
Link at the bottom of this post, great cards! 

Tissue tape from Tim Holtz


Love Potion #9?

made with love :  )
I really enjoyed making this and will make another one sometime! Did anyone else watch the video and make a mini book? I'd love to hear about it and/or see a link to your book - please leave a comment! 

Steven and I went out for a lovely dinner after visiting the ArtCenter Manatee and I wrote more about it on my daily photo journal. I found out have published 58 entries in a row, with my last gap being the 18th of December 2010, and 66 entries total since December 4th, 2010. The likelihood of me publishing an image tomorrow is 90.2% - and . . . I mention 'love' 232% more than the average Blipfoto journal. : )))  "all you need is love . . . (everybody)  all you need is love . . . all you need is lo-ove, all you really need is love!"
 xo lenna 

MOO Business Cards - $21.99 for 50 unique, customized Business Cards, each one with a different design.

happy October 25th

On this day six years ago when I was separated and not yet divorced from my husband who had left me, I called my old friend Steven Deming at work. We have know each other since 1972. I had learned recently from our good friend Garth that Steven was divorced (much the same circumstances as me). This was news to me, as we had not spoken for some time! Three and a half weeks after I called him on October 25th, Steven & I simply knew we were going to get married. It was amazing. We were always just friends before. My divorce was final in April and in June, Steven & I tied the knot. Today we celebrated October 25th!

Happy anniversary, Steven! Dinner out and a canoe trip, what more could we ask for?!
moon & star my dad carved on the canoe he made
The electric motor works well even on the peterborough canoe!!

The Manatee River, Bradenton, FL

Happy anniversary of that amazing day, october 25th!
We are still thanking our lucky stars.

dogs on a boat

"dogs on a boat" - Now this sounds almost scary, but it was actually fun. I think Asia & Chloe had a great time, and they got to sail to their favorite park to take their usual walk! This was my second time in the rebuilt sailboat name Starfish and I felt even more comfortable, despite our additional passengers. : ^ ) lots of photos in this set (click to view) as taking photos is another creative outlet of mine. Here are a few favorites:

thank you, steven, for sharing your passion - this sailing/motoring trip was a wonderful adventure! Now, I just can't help but add a link to one of our favorite videos . . . the censored version of 'I'm on a boat'!


While over at my mom & dad's celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary tonight (yes - 54!) I spied this photo in a frame. Steven had taken it with my sister's camera and she did send me a copy, but I had forgotten about it. It was taken in December when Kathy was visiting before the holidays and we had just arrived in Florida.

I really like this photo of our family so much. Amazing, isn't it? My parents have been married all this time, my whole family has lived through a lot of things good & bad -- and here we are, together and smiling.

We had a wonderful time tonight and it was too bad my sister was not there -she's in CT, but her in-laws were there! My mom served a delicious meal and Steven & I pitched in with cooking & clean-up. My dad looked great and we heard some good stories! I am so grateful for all I have. Happy Anniversary mom & dad!

lenna young andrews - march 27th, 2010

Happy Anniversary : )

Today, Steven & I celebrated our Fourth (4th!) Wedding Anniversary, wow! Steven joked with me and said he could not believe it -- it seemed longer than that! HA! Don't forget that Steven and I did not tie the knot until we were 48 and 49, but we have known each other and been friends since we were 15 and 16 years old! Of course I wanted to (or needed to?) create something to celebrate this special day with . . . . so I finished the pages of a Star Book that I started as a sample piece in the class I taught in April. I had done the base pages and basic cover, but not completed the inside pages, so I used some appropriately mushy sentiments/snippets from our wedding program, rubber stamping (Cat's Life Press and Magenta), sponging of ink, special photos, and tailored this star book specifically for today, to give to Steven. : )) He loved it and was really happy to have some "Anniversary Art" as he called it!

The Vintage images I used throughout the book are from ARTchix Studio collage sheets . . . .
Click on any photo for more detail and you can see the pages close-up!

Here's Steven working on his laptop while I photograph the book! The hands on the cover & inside page are ours - a scan printed onto fabric. I did this a long time ago, it was simply an extra in my scrap box!

This last photo I added is to show the Coptic Stitch that binds the three sets of pages together - yes! This is a sewn book, although the covers are glued to the end pages. For more information on this stitch and many other wonderful handmade books, I recommend the book ‘Cover to Cover’ by Shereen LaPlantz. You can find it at Amazon, here.