Chloe and the 100 photo 'blips'

Chloe, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Sunday, March 20th, 2011 was the day I hit 100 days of photo uploads and journaling on Blipfoto, wow! They make a celebration out of it on the site, announcing your 'blipday' and even giving you a balloon! I would say most members there try to do a special photo for that day. As one person remarked when I said my 100th blip was near, "oh, the pressure is on!" ; ^ )

For my special "Blipday" journal entry, I did not use the photo of our sweet Chloe above, even though she is so cute. Nor did I use this one I worked on in Photoshop, even though it was interesting . . .

I did not use either of these two  . . . 

Asia, me & Chloe,  in my parent's side yard

Playing with Photoshop and a picture of Asia . . .
The rose is from my mother's garden and appears again here!

And I did not use this one . . . . 

or this one!

But I used a similar one and started playing a bit more in Photoshop. I combined photos I took of my mother's beautiful roses with the photos Steven had taken of me & the dogs. It started like this -

And after a few different tries I came up with something i liked . . . please view my finished journal photo here on blipfoto. It took some time to create, but it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed celebrating my milestone of 100 photos. I began Blipfoto in early December at my good friend Frieda's suggestion, but reached 100 blip entries pretty fast because I have uploaded a photo on a daily basis since December 18th. If you have read my writing about this before, you'll know that blipfoto is not something I set out to do, but checked out because of Frieda and then fell into it! It has been a great learning experience for me. On Blip, it's easy to see photos of and read about places all over the world. For example, I know a lot more about Frieda & Scotland now - I love it!

I have noticed though, that a lot of my creative energy is going into photography now so I may consider not uploading on a daily basis. At blipfoto you can upload ONE photo per day, but there are no roles saying you must! I could upload every other day, or 2 in a row and then none for a week. I simply got into the rhythm of taking photos every day and choosing one to share. I have been doing a few other creative things though, so I'll be back! Thank you for visiting, it is much appreciated. xo lenna 

Page from a Travel Journal

page3, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Yesterday, I uploaded a bunch of journal pages (paper) I had done in 2004 to a flickr photo sharing group that one of my students, Barbara, was kind enough to set up in order to continue our class in a way . . . .

This particular journal page I am sharing here on my blog reminds me of the Journal Quilt I just finished & uploaded. I guess because I was PAINTING when creating both of them! I usually work more abstractly, and with more of an emphasis on mixed media, so I do enjoy seeing this. I hope you do too!

New dates for Online Classes

To the left and below are four photos from two different classes I am teaching online during February and March. I've just set up new dates for teaching both of these classes online. Starting on February 9th and running for 4 weeks through March 2nd - is my photo art journal class called Open the Door. The first 2 photos show examples of the pages we'll create from a blank journal. The first page here shows a fabric background and real pebbles collected on a walk. Click on the photo for greater detail.

This photo art journal class will be held through my 'creative lenna classroom' yahoo group, which is a private yahoo group for registered students only. After you have joined the yahoo group by registering for class with me, you will receive the Supply List from the yahoo group as a downloadable PDF file. Lessons will be uploaded once a week for 4 weeks and you can ask questions via the group's messages. You can also create a photo album in the Photo section to share your journal pages as you work if you wish. The cost for this class is $40. Contact Lenna to sign up - and you'll find more information about this class, including a class outline on my own website.

To the right - Open the Door - a photo art journal! Click on the photo for more detail. This set of pages shows saved ephemera I added from our trip to Wolfe Island, in the Thousand Islands - Ontario, Canada this past summer. I've included maps and a description of the Island from a brochure. I'm also incorporating ARTchix Studio transparencies, photos we took while there, rubber stamping and Aluminum Duct tape!

These 2 photos below are sample fabric pages or quilties from Lesson One (which is 38 pages!) of my Mini Art Quilt Book class. This class will be held next through - in the joggles classroom/forum for 5 weeks from March 2nd to March 30th. This is a class with lots of information on how to make mini art quilts, fabric pages and fabric books! You'll find a lot more information about this online class and the class outline on my website. For this class you must register through