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I think originally it was because I told my friend Joanna Urbani in the UK that I would LOVE to receive more mail art from her, that we did a personal exchange. Whoo hoo! We schemed on what to do and then decided to make a postcard for each other and a mail art envelope too! I love Joanna's style and how she approaches her art so I could not be happier to have done this exchange with her. I giggle now to think that we set a size (4x6) and then later I asked Joanna if I could make something larger -5x7. Phew, she said it was okay! Joanna suggested a theme of "friends" for us to work on. This sounded great to me except, duh! I forgot this theme when I went to create my card for her. None the less, everything was done in the spirit of friendship and ended up just fine. We both loved doing this exchange! Here's what I made Joanna, followed by a step by step of my process.
The photographs of the peacock are some I took myself here on Longboat Key, Florida.

My postcard for Joanna started as a challenge piece that I worked on for the Second Floor Challenge. If you would like to read about it from the very beginning, go to this post. The postcard was 1/4 of the whole piece I did for that challenge. The base was watercolor paper and it included water soluble briques and crayons, soft pastels, acrylic paints and embossed rubber stamping. 

 I used a paper napkin image of a peacock to go with my photographs . . .
 and applied it to the postcard withe matte medium
Individual alphabets were used to stamp my message with white ink -
I know Joanna likes this look!

Joanna and I had talked about this saying, it's a song actually -listen here

Then I created an envelope from a large piece of scrapbook paper.
I have a template from Green Sneakers that I've used for years . . .

To decorate it, I used pattern tissue, the photographs I took printed out, and rubber stamps to make it special. I also tried to use interesting US postage stamps. For Joanna's address, I took a piece of the pattern tissue paper, attached it with masking tape to a piece of card stock and sent it through my printer to receive the address I had typed in a document with a decorative font!
 On the back are some of my old LennaLines quote stamps. Even though I do not produce these rubber stamps anymore I still find them so appropriate sometimes.
 Off the card went in the mail, across the pond to the garden of Eden. 
Then, I received Joanna's card and mail art  -  wow!! 
I love how she placed the postage stamp so it looks like the woman 
is gazing at the queen. The striped washi tape from Gauche Alchemy is divine!

* Love-LOVe-lOvE-LovE THIS!!!! ; ^  ) 

* To read more about Joanna's art for this exchange

Thank you so much, Joanna! I hope we do this again!! xoxox lenna

The only gift is a portion of thyself.
  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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traveling hearts

For Lindsay

Back in November, Lindsay of Dryada Journals in Belgium visited my blog and commented. Then I went and visited her blog and read about how she was creating mail art and even offering to send some. I took her up on that but promised to send her something too. Below is what Lindsay sent me in December; you may have already seen it via a recent post I did on mail art. The heart with the message is something I believe Lindsay calls Travel Hearts. : ) thanks so much, Lindsay!

Today I took a piece of leftover vellum I printed yesterday for tags and put it together with a piece of cast-off jeans and a little heart I cut out of felt. See my process below.

Alphabet Rubber stamps and writing with a Sharpie marker

The vellum side - I glued a large snowflake in-between the jeans & the vellum

All sewn up! Click for details.

I placed the postcard in a glassine envelope . . . 
Now it is on the way to Belgium! 

mail some art today and feel better! 

Another Stack

I was taking photos of my completed mail art postcard swap for my creative swaps blog when I realized here was another "stack" of paper. See Seth Apter's blog for more.

33 participants creating 100 postcards!

A beautiful stack, don't you agree? Thanks to all the participants.

I am going to spend some time with my dad this afternoon so my mom can do a few errands that are a bit of a drive from their home. Hospice is helping my mom out now with my dad, but they can't be there all the time. This is why Steven and I are here. Steven is heading over there right now in fact, to help with the hospital bed. If I am scarce, please know it is because of my family. I just wanted you to know. 
with love, lenna

iHanna's Postcard swap 2011

A few weeks ago I saw a link on someone's blog about a Postcard swap that iHanna was hosting. When I went to her site to check it out, I learned that I was visiting "the blog of a Swedish woman in love with creativity." That sure made me smile! Then I found out I had visited iHanna's blog just in time. I had only one day left to ask to be included in her postcard swap! I signed up and Hanna sent me a list of 10 people from around the world to send to. My Job? To create 10 hand made postcards and send them on their way. Off they flew this afternoon and here is how I made them!

I took a scan of the back of a vintage postcard and combined it with
iHanna's Post Card Swap logo in Photoshop. Then I added my message!
The postcard back was complete.

I flipped the postcards over and stamped a BIG fish from Fred Mullet
using a StazOn permanent ink pad.

I tried out some new acrylic inks I bought after reading about them in
Quilting Arts magazine - FW by Daler Rowney. I spritzed with water too!
These inks are different-more pigmented than Dye-Na-Flow, which I usually use.
some of the colour patterns made from spritzing and sponging.

I added Perfect Pearls interference powders to the wet ink  . . . 

I decided to over stamp the fish with wet pigment ink and to emboss it
with Psychedelic embossing powder - wow!

some of the results -look at it sparkle!

I added a hello from Florida  . . .  this is a very international swap.
I sent my postcards to Japan, Finland, Texas, New York (x2),
Australia, Utah, California, Sweden and Germany!!

more stamping with a favorite Magenta stamp.

The backs got a little messsy with all my inking and sponging on the front,
but I decided I love it!

I added MORE rubber stamping front and back and I was done!
Off to the post office I ran because tomorrow was the deadline to send!
I have already received 3 wonderful postcards from California, London and Devon, UK! Please visit iHanna's blog for more creativity and visit her post: Share the Poscarding Joy to view links to many other posts like mine! Have fun ; ^ ) lenna