taking care of me

At DeSoto memorial National park, the walking is good . . . . 
I'm heading back to NW Bradenton today for an appointment and have decided to walk at DeSoto Memorial National Park afterwards. If I don't go to Nia class, I will walk a few miles to keep the calories burning and my metabolism good. In about 3 weeks I've lost 4 pounds, which is good! Being brave, I added the widget for the fitness app I am using to the sidebar, here on my blog. It will sync with the check-ins I do for my weight on the site. I've been eating a lot less than before - 1200 calories and rarely drinking wine. But it is really going okay. There are conflicting reports about drinking wine or not with fatty liver disease, so I am mostly avoiding wine. I used to enjoy a couple of glasses each evening. My disease is not alcohol related, but the inflammation can be aggravated by it. Not having any saves a lot of calories too!

I do walk around the neighborhood, but DeSoto park is beautiful.

I love that part of the walk goes along the shore. I am fascinated with it. 
But the woodland paths are interesting too . . .

look who I found last time! 

I wonder what I will find there today? 

There is no wilderness like a life without friends; friendship multiplies blessings and minimizes misfortunes; it is a unique remedy against adversity, and it soothes the soul.

  ~ Baltasar Gracian

our new neighborhood

We took our first walk around the neighborhood since we moved, today. Our new home is much more in the 'country' with miles of fences to keep animals like horses in.

This neighborhood has a Ranch-like feel, very much . . .

We enjoyed the nice sidewalk, safe off the road . . . me & my sweeties, Asia & Chloe.

What?? This is not a horse! 

This llama came right up to the edge of the fence to meet us. Chloe even growled as we quickly walked past! Chloe was definitely really not sure about this llama, who seemed sweet to me . . although I did not get too close either! 

Another photo of our llama friend is found on my blip journal, here.

Do you see Asia ^ here still staring at the llama? : ) Chloe seems to have gotten over the encounter by now . . . this was a good first walk, about 2 miles, with just one small blister on my heel from wearing sneakers instead of my usual crocs!

Thanks for coming along with us . . . . we are making our way and slowly getting resettled. I am concentrating on the kitchen first, my clothes next, and then my studio!!!!! OH! My actual studio space is too small for my big art table so now it is out on the lanai -a screened porch, very large. It overlooks the water and is so grand! More photos as things come together  : )

Happiness is good health and a bad memory.
  ~ Ingrid Bergman

Our walks at DeSoto Memorial

I took a few walks at my favorite place to walk this week, mostly with the dogs when they did not go to the boat shop with Steven. And I wanted to share some of the beautiful things we saw . . . .

I am lucky I have a zoom lens or I think the dogs would have 
scared this lovely great heron away! 
He was waiting for 2 nearby fisherman to throw him some fish!

I can never get enough of the trees there with Spanish moss.
My camera is drawn to taking various photographs of these trees.

The photo below, I played with layers in Photoshop . . .
You may be able to see the larger Starfish under the smaller one?

 my sweeties on one of the beautiful paths at DeSoto Memorial xo

Have a wonderful Sunday - I am off with my friend and student Ann Medlin Hall to 
dance and move at conscious movement in Sarasota - wheeeee! 


a walk at desoto memorial

The puppies and I went for a brisk walk at the prettiest place around here I think . . .

It is hard to get a good photo of the moss on the trees here,
but I like this one very much. The light often filters through like that.
So magical! (click for more detail)

where to next, mama? That way??

The sea grape leaves are turning, soon to drop off . . .
because it is January in Florida - it gets (relatively) cold,
and I am still in love with taking photographs.

who couldn't resist these two sweeties?! 
Asia and Chloe, sporting 'peace' bandannas I sewed for them,
just because it was fun and creative to do (and easy!).

yes, the leaves do turn colors -- even in Florida : ) 
I wore a light coat today, it's about 55. 
* I'm not complaining!!!!!! *

Stay warm, make art, sing, dance and by all means, don't forget to laugh!

take a walk . . .

When I looked at my blog today I couldn't believe I had not posted since Saturday! I also haven't worked in my art journal since that day either, how odd -must get back to it!
I've been otherwise occupied you could say, mostly with organizing my new art swaps for creative swaps. I'm almost ready to set them up on the blog and announce them. I've been working on more than one thing, more than one swap - writing lessons and instructions. There will be a series of shorter turn-around ATC swaps and this summer, a postcard mail art swap due in September. Stay tuned, more info soon!

In the meantime, to save my sanity yesterday since it was not a Nia dance class day, I took Asia and Chloe to DeSoto Memorial, a nearby park run by the National Park Service. It has been really hot (90's) and dry here until recently, even again this morning we have had rain. Yesterday was overcast, not too hot (80's) and a good day to try walking at the park again.

A path through the forest -they had a prescribed burn here in April.

which way now, ma?

How about on the mangrove path?
As I was walking I saw these little tiny flowers on the board walk . . .

 And realized they were from the mangrove trees above.

I loved the way they spilled down to the bench and on the path.
 click on any photo for more details.

I saw some very small creatures and practiced my macro shots . . .

Come this way, through the Sea grapes . . . 

You might see a great blue heron watching over the water

And there will definitely be time for a walk on the beach . . . 

and perhaps some swimming!

mmmm, refreshing! 
This was my 'blip' for yesterday, my photo of the day on blipfoto.
There is usually a journal entry with the photos too. 

I hope you enjoyed our walk, I enjoyed sharing it with you.

My sister and her family are arriving here today from Connecticut for a few days visit, but I still plan to dive into my art journal again soon and also finish up and announce the new swaps! Kathy will be spending time with my mom and dad so I can squeeze it in. When I can, I will work on these things and I will not worry about it if I don't get to them right way . . . just wanted to let you know. xo lenna 

December 27th and it's 39 degrees (in Florida!)

It seems it is cold and snowy everywhere. Even here in Florida I am wearing a hat and scarf! Yes, on the beach no less, but still! It's very windy. I fooled around with Photoshop for the photo below. Click to view.

Steven says there really is a "winter -time" in Florida. 
But no snow here yet, so we are counting our blessings!!

my "blip" of the day -I've really been enjoying that. ; ^   ) lenna 

art friends

I had a visit yesterday from a friend who lives in my old home state of Connecticut, wow! Patte Leathe and her husband Peter had come to the Tampa area to attend her niece's wedding. Patte follows my blog and had written me a number of weeks ago to let me know she would be in Florida in November! She wanted to try and see me if everything worked out - it did!! Here's Patte and I (and Asia) in my studio yesterday afternoon.

Patte and I met in the early 1990's through Judy Radke and her Farmington, CT store, Impressive Impressions - Art Rubber Stamps ;  ^  ) Patte reminisced yesterday about a favorite apron she stamped in a class taught by me. I took calligraphy classes with Patte over the years and we always had a good converstaion when she came into the store. Patte and I had a real connection, and still do, even though we are not in contact a lot. The minute I saw her yesterday with her warm smile and gentle ways it was just like no time had gone by. She agrees with me!

Patte and Peter were just here for the afternoon and for supper, but they loved the idea of going to De Soto park. So we did! And look who was there to greet us, a beautiful heron....

After that, Peter and Patte took Steven and I out for a scrumptious dinner at Ezra's, one of our favorite restaurants. We spent a lot of time laughing at our many connections;  Peter and Steven have a good friend in common, unknown to them before this meeting. The list of coincidences kept getting bigger and bigger soon this became a running joke. We all had a great time! 

One really remarkable thing: Yesterday Patte showed me an envelope she brought with her that I had made from a "practice" piece of calligraphy she did to show students techniques during a class from perhaps 1995? She was teaching and I was trying to learn! I liked the movement and style of these big letters she did for us on a big sheet of paper that was destined for the trash and asked her if I could have it, she said yes! Some years later, I sent her a card after taking another class of hers, inside an envelope I made out of this same "practice" calligraphy paper I had saved. Patte let me scan it yesterday (I did not have a scanner in 1999) and I would love to share it with you. Now you can really see why I am hosting a mail art swap!

Even though I have moved about 5 times since I mailed this to Patte, I still have some of the rubber stamps I used! The cancellation one by Leavenworth Jackson that says "mail some art today & feel better" is in fact right out on my table : ) What an amazing thing she still has this envelope & card and brought it to show me. I just discovered Patte has a blog, and you can visit it here. She is a member of the Wesleyan Potter's Co-op in the metal smithing and jewelry department and a really wonderful person. I hope she and her husband come back and visit Steven and I again soon!

a walk in the park

We love walking at De Soto national park -or, I should really say, De Soto National Memorial (which is part of the National Park service). It is only a few minutes from our home in NW Bradenton, Florida! Recently, the weather has cooled down from it's usual range here in Florida of 70 to 90 degrees F (21 to 32 C) to the present 4:00 pm temp of 61 F/ 16 C!! It has also been very windy here and that makes for a delightful walk in the park! I must share these photos from yesterday with you-then we are off for yet another walk in the park and a visit with my mom & dad : ^ ) Please visit this website: The National Parks: America's Best idea. Steven and I just started watching this series by Ken Burns and it is excellent.

click for larger photos -enjoy the sky!

this moss is still one of my favorite things to look at!
The first time Steven has worn jeans since April -it has been too hot! 

happy day to you, lenna

de soto national park

It is so lovely to be able to walk at De Soto park again. It is cooling down here in Bradenton, Florida. That means it is 68 degrees Fahrenheit in the mornings instead of a very warm 85! There have been some north winds blowing these past few days. While it gets sunny and warm during the day, it is not 95 and so humid like it was. A welcome change! We are able to walk at our favorite park where the trail hugs De Soto Bay at times. Incredibly, we saw dolphins today! Steven tried to get some photos, but was difficult to do. They are such beautiful creatures, gliding in and out of the water.

walking with Asia & Chloe at De Soto - yes, i am happy!

Steve and Lenna October 6th, 2010

Asia and Chloe - click for more detail and color!!


If you click on this photo and make it larger, you may be able to see
a grey dolphin in front of the boat at the end of the anchor line . . . .

My sister and nephew are coming tomorrow from Connecticut to celebrate Kathy's birthday on Friday and my dad's birthday on Sunday : )) They will be here until Monday and we are looking forward! Till next time!