Some of Steve’s March 2019 cartoons below, he’s prolific! I’ve lost count, but I think he’s done about 700 cartoons since last August - wow!

Click on any cartoon to enlarge, then use the side arrows (or swipe) to view all of them easily.

In March we cleared off a small wall in our living room. Steve made 4 shelves for the cats to use as a playground (they are indoor cats).

Steve painted the shelves after testing (above). When the shelves were off the wall, I painted a mural as we did not like the blank white wall. Then Steve added his cat cartoons (large size!)

Below are two quick videos showing Steve’s process up-scaling his smaller cartoons for the cat shelf wall . . . which they seem to like! Once you start the video, click the brackets [ ] on the bottom right for a full screen.

Steve made shelves for a wall in our living room specifically for our cats. I painted the greenery and Steve added his cartoon cats: Lightning and Luna. What fun!
Steve demos how he drew scaled-up drawings of his cat cartoons for the mural we did behind the new cat shelves/playground. I painted the greenery and Steve added his cartoon cats.

Some of Steve’s cartoons for April 2019 ❤