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Who is Creative Lenna?
Lenna Young Andrews describes herself as a passionate and creative mixed-media artist and instructor. Lenna lives in Florida with her husband Steven Deming and their two dogs, Asia & Chloe. In 2009, Steve and Lenna moved 1500 miles from Avon, Connecticut to Bradenton, Florida. They both have come to love living in Florida!

Lenna Andrews loves being creative and teaching mixed media art. She enjoys sharing her process of creating; current artwork can be found on the her blog. Lenna has also hosted creative art swaps where she organizes the exchange of art created by participants from all over the world. You can view this wonderful art at creative swaps here.

A video that showcases one of Lenna's creative swaps:          

This is Lenna Andrews' original website, which was developed by her son Decklin Foster in 1996, when he was just 14 years old. In 1996 the internet, email, websites and let's face it, even Decklin were just babes! The Creative Lenna website has changed over the years and now Lenna keeps it updated herself. On this website you'll find an archive of Lenna's art: 
To view her current art/writing/instructions, visit any of the "other places to find Lenna Online" links in the sidebar >>>

The about Lenna page tells more about Lenna's family and her background. Lenna's great uncle was the American Impressionist artist William Glackens. Find Glackens's art in many major museums and collections. In 1892, Glackens was an influential illustrator-reporter for the Philadelphia Press. In the early 1900's he was an important American Impressionist painter. Glackens was part of a group of artists called The Eight who were associated with the important 'Ashcan' realist movement in the early 20th Century. Lenna Young Andrews is happily named after William's daughter, Lenna Glackens.

A note from Lenna:
My husband Steve and I have been married since 2005, a second marriage for both of us and we are sometimes asked why we have different last names?  I would have gladly taken his name when we got married but he had other ideas -Steven insisted I keep my maiden name. There is a reason! That was my name when we first met as teenagers and we got married in our late 40's! If you are curious, visit this page for more of our story, just as we told it at our wedding.
For 17 years 'Deming' worked as the senior technical consultant and systems architect for company servers (a computer geek!) for Innovative Computer Systems (ICS) in Farmington, Connecticut. He left his job at the end of 2009 to move to Florida with me when we found out my dad had cancer. Even though making such a big move was a huge decision, Steven says it was the best thing he's ever done . . . . well, besides marrying me, of course! 

I love doing art collaborations with Steven: view one here. It's a round wooden table top we created together in late 2010. Steven made the table top himself and then I stamped it with real leaves. We have collaborated on another table since then. In 2012 Steven hand built a smaller coffee table for us and this time I stamped it with foam stamps shaped like leaves.

Steven is also an artist but does not readily admit it. Just check out his award winning graphite drawings and funny cartoons. Together we've done several collaborative paintings

Since moving to Florida, Steven spends his days restoring old boats, making paddles and working with my father's treasured collection of hardwoods. He is putting Dad's tools to good use. Steve learned many skills from my dad during the time we spent with him here. View one of the amazing projects they did together in 2010: a sailboat rebuild. My father built nine beautiful, brightly finished beautiful wooden strip boats over the years and many gorgeous pieces of furniture, including a fabulous dining room table. Sadly my dad passed away on October 1, 2011 from colon cancer, metastasis to his liver. He is dearly missed. I've put together a photo montage remembering and honoring my dad here.

Steven and my Dad, March of 2010 after they finished restoring Windancer: a 15.3' Melonseed sailboat my dad built in 1995.

Below, Steven is sailing the same melonseed after they restored it at the Cortez, FL Traditional Small Craft Festival Race. Bob Semler painted Steven sailing (2010) and this painting became the cover of the Ash Breeze, Summer 2012 issue. Click on the cover below for more details. It was quite a surprise for us to find Steve on the cover!

Contact Steve and Lenna via this email with any questions or comments you have. Thank you!

What you'll find on this website:  

 The Photo Gallery is where you can view ATCs, altered books, collage pieces, mixed media art, and fabric art.

Look on the right hand side for links to specific pages. Lenna has made a page for her husband Steven to showcase his talent. << Drawing by Steven Deming: click for details


Photos celebrating the June of 2005 wedding of Steve and Lenna are also in the Photo Gallery. View the happy occasion and take a peek at all the art sent from family and on-line friends from around the world that was incorporated into their wedding.

Lenna made her wedding dress, stamped it and then stamped the back of Steven's vest at his request! 

  Family photos including a photo diary on how Lenna's father created a wooden strip boat are found in the Photo gallery too. Lenna's mom claims that Lenna has received all her creative talents from her dad (smile) but her mom is creative too! 

The collaborative art page is where you'll find paintings done together by Steve and Lenna. Here's Steve standing with one of those paintings. This photo was taken in 2007 at the West Hartford Art League's Juried Art Show.  Steven & Lenna love this painting and both agree it was a thrill to get into a juried art show with their piece. 

  ART SWAPS and Exchanges:  

This page shares swap related art from 2007 and prior where you can view completed swaps and the wonderful participant art. You'll find inspiration from Lenna's art and the art of many creative and talented artists!
 The creative lenna website is mainly an archive for history and inpiration. For current artwork, visit
lenna's blog.

 creativelenna - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver

Here are some of our favorite photos from

Wolfe Island in Ontario, CANADA.

 Steven's grandmother was born on Wolfe Island! His family still owns the farmhouse she was born in and the surrounding cottages, located on the banks of St. Lawrence River across from Kingston, Ontario.  Wolfe Island is the largest of all the Thousand Islands but so very beautiful and peaceful.
To the right is a photo of Steven motoring the sailboat he named 'Nimda' after a computer virus (!) around the island.  Kingston, Ontario is in the distance. Click on the photo for a better look; we sold this boat in 2009.
Below, I'm walking with Asia on Wolfe Island. This rural, farming island is so very beautiful and I am extremely happy Steven introduced me to it!
More photos of beautiful Wolfe Island, Canada are found here and here in 2009.

"Art when really understood is the province of every human being. It is simply a question of doing things, anything, well. It is not an outside, extra thing. When the artist is alive in any person, whatever his kind of work may be, he becomes an inventive, searching, daring, self-expressing creature. He becomes interesting to other people. He disturbs, upsets, enlightens, and he opens ways for better understanding." 

Robert Henri, The Art Spirit (1923)

My great uncle, William Glackens was a protégé of Robert Henri and shared a studio with him in 1894. I especially admire Mr. Henri as an artist and a teacher after reading more about him.

 Check out my favorite quotes page!

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Steve & I were pirates for a day!

click on the link for more photos : )

Thank you for visiting! 

 Steven and I send our very best wishes to you

and we appreciate your visit to this website

which my son decklin started in 1996 . . .

last updated August 30, 2014

by lenna young andrews

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I am working on a new web site, that will be updated and replace this one.The main URL: www.creativelenna.com will stay the same.


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