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Creativity is my go-to, perhaps ingrained since I was a small child. I get a bit uncomfortable when I haven't done anything creative for a while. When I was a little girl I loved to play creatively, dance, do any kind of art... and I was often encouraged/rewarded for this! Being creative feeds something in me and gives me a spark. My husband says he sees how it makes me come alive.❤ I share this passion with others by writing about my art experiences, by hosting art exchanges and by sometimes even teaching! Following art challenges, taking lessons, and swapping art with my friends helps me to be certain to make time to create. Photography is another creative outlet for me, as you can see on my various sites. 

Navigation Tips for this web site are found here in a blog post. But it's easy: Look top left (or bottom left, depending on your device!) for 3 black navigation bars. Click on these bars for a full "site menu". Clicking on any photo will present a larger view of the photo. Sweeping your mouse over the photo or lightly pressing on the image (on a tablet or phone) will show you a description. The small side arrows > can be used to scroll through photos easily. Thanks for visiting and you are welcome to leave me a note in the comments to say "Hi", ask questions or just let me know what you think!


🌟 If you are interested in more of my photography, visit my Blipfoto Journal where I uploaded a photo a day almost every day, for 5 years. :0) This is a wonderful site for photo journaling.                 

When you do a thing, do it with all your might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic and faithful, and you will accomplish your object.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson