Here is my first step into a new year filled with creativity . . .  

On 12/28/2018 I completed 365 pieces of art for #365somethings2018. Wow, I felt amazed, happy, proud and. . . undecided if I would do another 365 project in 2019. I began the 365 somethings 2018 project not knowing if I would finish it!! I’d never done a 365 art project before. But, the way I felt when participating . . . how the project drew me to my art table and how good it felt to explore my art supplies in a variety of ways . . . these were just a few positives of this project. Note: There was no requirement to do art every day. You could work in batches/do a series. This rule made the project successful for me.

I spent a few days thinking about it & talking with my husband and then decided. Yes! I wanted to continue. This time I’m not part of a group like last year but I’m going ahead with a variety of “creative play” art pieces, each one representing one day of the year.


#1 of 365 for: creative play 2019

{in my mini Rocketbook, thanks, Steve!!}

Steve gave me a Rocketbook like the one he uses for his cartoons. It’s a mini one and less intimidating for me. I’ll use this for some of my creative play. It’s an endlessly reusable notebook that you wipe clean. The pages scan easily via the Rocketbook app & your image is sent to the cloud. I’ll use this notebook to draw, work in an art journal or two, create a number of my favorite 3” x 3” watercolor cards or 4” x 4” canvas boards . . . maybe do a bit of sewing or some index cards . . . I am going to be open to any kind of creative play for the day, but not necessarily every day! The freedom to do a number of pieces all at one time freed me and took a lot of stress off. Watch this space for the project to unfold below!

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