365 creative play 2019

Stepping into another year filled with creativity . . .  

On December 28, 2018 I completed my first 365 art project: #365somethings2018. I felt so amazed and so happy & proud, but undecided if I would do it again. However, the way I felt while I was participating and how consistently this project drew me to do something creative was absolutely wonderful. I spent a few days thinking about it and talking the idea over with my husband. After some thought, I decided yes, I did want to do this project again! In 2019 I’m working on my own, doing a variety of “creative play” art pieces. Each piece will represent one day in 2019.

My husband Steve gave me a Rocketbook notebook; it’s the same kind he uses to draw his cartoons. It’s an endlessly reusable notebook that can be wiped clean with a soft cloth after drawing or writing. For my 2019 project I will draw in my Rocketbook notebook, plus work in art journals and also Altered Books. I bet I’ll continue to create a number of 3x3 watercolor cards or 4 x 4 canvas boards . . . and maybe I’ll do a bit of sewing or work on index cards. I’ll be open to any kind of creative play for the day, but I won’t necessarily be doing it every day! The freedom to do a number of pieces all at once, at my own pace was what enabled me to complete 365 pieces in 2018.

The gallery below holds 1-90 of my 2019 “creative play” pieces as a slideshow:

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