365 Somethings 2018 - Page 2! 

A continuation of my 3"x3" watercolor cards, #101-145:
Then on May 24th, I went from 3"x 3" cards to using an art journal (4"x 7") with watercolor pages. I wanted to try a  larger substrate with more room for drawing! Click on any journal page below for details and then use the side arrows to scroll through. I enjoyed working in this journal for about 2-1/2 weeks before returning to the 3x3 watercolor cards because of time. Below are my 2018 Somethings journal entries #146-163:
Participating in the ICAD challenge (Index-card-a-day) at the same time as this 365 art project and also continuing with my daily photo journal (blipfoto.com) proved to be challenging for me! On June 17th, I returned to the smaller space of the 3x3 watercolor cards and was able to more comfortably keep up with all of my projects.  #164-181 are below.