2007 Journal Quilt update

This is a small photographic "mosaic" I made with fd's flicker toys of all the journal quilts I created in 2007 - wow! You can click on the scan for a larger mosaic picture.

I started creating these last January with a goal of creating one journal quilt a week. In fact, that is what really drove me to start blogging - so I could write about my creating & share it! I started these journal quilts as a personal challenge to keep myself creating regularily & also to make pieces that Steven & I would keep, instead of me sending them away as a swap or a gift. I did that too, but these were specifically for us. I wanted to create 50 journal quilts by the end of the year . . . .

Well, in August we decided we needed to move and put our house up for sale -- it sold in record time & we found our new home and moved - all within about 4 weeks time! Needless to say, my attention was elsewhere after August and through the end of the year. I am so happy I did create about one journal quilt a week for as long as I did. At the end of December I had made twenty-eight - 6" x 6" journal quilt squares!

Today I set up a new sewing machine that I just got last week (whoo whoo!). It's a Brother 60-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine and so now I am really itching to put these journal quilts all together. I have always wanted to create a large fabric wall hanging and this was my tricky way to do just that. Although, I would like to have each square flip-able, if possible, so the viewer could read the journaling on the back of each piece. I will put my thinking cap on and let you know when I accomplish my goal in full - I will share the finished piece here.

To see all the squares and some of the journal entries close up individually, please visit my journal quilt set on my flicker photo sharing account. To follow the blog posts and writing about the journal quilts I did last year - follow the journal quilt label/tag. Thanks as always for looking! Lenna 1/17/08