mail art

I love mail art! To the left is just a small corner of the back of an envelope (enlarged) I did earlier this year. When I send this kind of decorated mail I get to pull out all of my old mail and postage themed rubber stamps . . . mmmm! I so enjoy it. I try to take scans of the envelopes I art up, before I put them in the mailbox, but I don't always remember. I also like to use postage stamps that match or ones I have made myself through zazzle. Here are a few mail art pieces for your enjoyment! click on an scan for more detail.

For Miz Bella -

For Ann P. ~ moving to a new Home - front & back:


and for April, our Pet sitter, front & back

. . . and made today for 2 friends and neighbors we want to see for lunch . . .
 : ) lenna