AB Exchange with Sharon Borsavage

cover, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

This is the cover of my altered book with a theme of Nature -the incredible beauty of it. I take so many photos when out walking that I couldn't resist choosing this theme. On the cover has an image transfer of a photo I took out in the woods, transfered to fabric. Then I used my xyron to adhere the fabric to the cover of an old music book. For more photos of the pages I did, click on the cover!

I am altering this book in collaboration with Sharon Borsavage, who is so kindly putting up with me entering into this exchange with her as I am about to move - from CT to Florida!! We are doing a 1-1 exchange, working in each other's altered books, in a very unscheduled manner as we are both quite occupied theses days. But you should see new work in both books every so often on both of our blogs in the months to come. We hope you enjoy, as we know we will! ~ lenna young andrews, November 4th, 2009 -- please note our moving out date is November 28th with the closing here in Avon on November 30th. After that, we are off to join my parents in Bradenton, Florida - halelujah! So if I am scarce, this is why : ))