moving towards Florida

It was last week i think when i wrote about moving . . . . we have sold our home and are heading towards Bradenton, Florida where my mom and Dad live in about a week or so... Nov. 29th.
Amazing! Still hard to believe. We have concentrated our efforts recently on selling and giving away anything we don't need so we do not have to move it, and I have been working on packing up my studio. This is probably the largest area to pack in the entire house I must say, sheesh! Today I can proclaim that the job is done and my studio is looking rather sad . . .

I have added my sewing machine to my bag and box of traveling art supplies-my portable studio- along with a small box of loved CDs . . . i will be sure to stash these items in the car before the moving van arrives! thank you for the reminders; I am sure i will need help remembering things by the time moving day comes . . . phew!
Steven in the meantime, has been perfecting the 'Dale Andrews (my dad) Boat Trailer' . . . adding cross supports, padding, and now tying down all the boats my dad made, plus squeezing in 2 of his own kayaks. Steve will test the rig out on Sunday when he trailers it down to his brother's house in Mystic and they'll use a professional boat shrink wrap system on the boats to help cut down on the wind drag. wow!!!

Yes, my father made ALL of those wooden boats . . . and Steven wants to get them safely to him. When we get settled in Bradenton, Steven plans to get my dad to show him some of the tricks of his craftsmanship. And tomorrow I'll start boxing up the contents of our home which I know will be a lot easier than my studio!

I will be back again before we leave on our adventure . . . lenna young andrews, November 19, 2009.