While over at my mom & dad's celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary tonight (yes - 54!) I spied this photo in a frame. Steven had taken it with my sister's camera and she did send me a copy, but I had forgotten about it. It was taken in December when Kathy was visiting before the holidays and we had just arrived in Florida.

I really like this photo of our family so much. Amazing, isn't it? My parents have been married all this time, my whole family has lived through a lot of things good & bad -- and here we are, together and smiling.

We had a wonderful time tonight and it was too bad my sister was not there -she's in CT, but her in-laws were there! My mom served a delicious meal and Steven & I pitched in with cooking & clean-up. My dad looked great and we heard some good stories! I am so grateful for all I have. Happy Anniversary mom & dad!

lenna young andrews - march 27th, 2010