Dance ATCs

Dance ATCs . . . it would seem like a fairly simple and straight forward task to make 10 ATCs on a "dance" theme, wouldn't you think? It wasn't that it was a difficult task for me, but more that it was an emotional journey. I created 14 ATCs and will show some of them here. If you would like to view a slideshow of ALL of the ATCs, please click here.

I was very excited to see this theme on the Circle of Friends yahoo group when I joined the group last month. I started dance classes (ballet, modern) when I was 7 years old and continued taking classes into my 40's. My teacher for most of those years was Truda Kaschmann, shown on the ATC below.

Truda taught everyone, including my mom. She was Alwin Nickolais teacher as well, shown below in a 1939 dance he performed with Truda in Hartford, CT. Click on any ATC for more detail.

Alvin Ailey - bottom, Alwin Nickolais, top
Doing this swap and pouring over articles I had saved on Truda really had me remembering my teacher and everything she has given me. I know it is because of her, that I am the creative person I am today. The improvisations we did in class where she would ask us to do "something different" are the basis for how I approach my art making today. I am often asking myself, "how can I do this differently - ie: more creatively?"

I made extra ATCs and encouraged my mom to chose one tonight -
This is the ATC she picked because she said it was so beautiful, with the Alvin Ailey dancers. The words on white paper are Truda's.
This is Truda (top) and my mom, bottom left.
Truda was loving, but strict. She pushed us to work hard but encouraged us, and celebrated with us when we mastered that step or made that leap. I am indebted to her for how she shaped me as an artist.

The writing is from a paper done about Truda by Margret Dillon. The words about the beginning of one of Truda's classes are so true, I can feel myself right there.

The back of all of the ATCs is a variation of this - with a quote from Pilobolus dancer Annika Sheaff.

This quote, which I only found recently by reading the Pilobolus dance blog really means a lot to me. I think that like dancers, artists can tell a million stories with their art and there are no wrong interpretations. I do not usually get so philosophical, but taking this theme to heart and working from my personal experience as I like to do, brought up a lot of feelings today. You could say I am a very emotional artist, and be correct! But that is what I like to do with my art; express myself and my feelings. It helps me to navigate this life and I am so grateful for those of you who have been enjoying my expression! xo lenna young andrews April 27, 2010