moleskin journal: 7-second crab

After finishing my Vintage Lace ATCs yesterday, I was drawn to work in my small moleskin journal that I began doing gluebook work in after taking Mary Green's on-line course, Your Vintage GlueBook. I did not really have any ideas on what to do, I just wanted to work/create. I think in the back of my mind I knew that I really needed/wanted to work in the larger moleskin journal for the Sketchbook 2011 Project, but was not quite ready to dive in and start the project yet. It is the starting of making art that I always procrastinate about! Once I start, I would say creating comes fairly easily. One thing will suggest another and before you know it, I'm done.

I began by rummaging through a large flat cardboard box where I had gathered and saved a lot of vintage materials when I was taking Mary's class. The background paper of bugs that you see above comes from a download of Illustration Pages- from an Antique French Dictionary, that I found at Mary's Green Paper Packages e-shop. That page was in the box as well as a page of mushrooms from the same download. There is something about these illustrations that I just love, so I decided to cover my blank spread of pages (2 1/2" x 3 1/2" each side) with these illustrated designs. I had previously used different pages from the same book in an earlier gluebook spread I did in class called Live in the Sunshine -see it here. These colorful papers got me started, and here is what happened . . . .

On the left I have a flash card given to me by Mary; I believe she has similar ones for sale in her etsy shop. I added a handmade transparency from an old advertisement over top of the card and placed a celestial image from ARTchix Studio over the top of it. I placed of bit of handmade paper in the left corner first. 

I also added an appealing (to me!) scrap of fabric from a recent ATC project down the middle of my spread. I did not want to obscure my bugs and crustacean background too much and deliberated what to do . . . then I remembered the scrap of paper my husband Steven drew on the day before. He called it a "7-second" crab because he told me that is how long it would take him to draw it!!! He was right. I grabbed the quick sketch off my desk, ripped the paper to a workable size, loaded the back of it with glue from my trusty glue stick, and voila'!

I giggled with delight upon placing this in my moleskin because I had wanted to do something with his cute cartoon, but had not decided what yet. When Steven came home from the boat shop, I didn't tell him what I had done. I simply handed him the notebook to show him my art, as I often do . . . 

He was happy and surprised, but not really!! I often take his art and incorporate it into something. :  ) lenna young