can u see? (sketchbook project)

After getting a large number of boxes filled up for our upcoming move in 2 weeks, I gave myself a treat. I worked in my moleskine journal for the sketchbook 2011 project. I have neglected this project as of late and that just won't do! I was reading my good friend Frieda's blog and specifically the post, For your eyes only. This reminded me that I have seen Frieda use 'eyes' in her mixed media art quite a bit and it inspired me to try something similar. First, a close up . . .

I did a packing tape transfer of a woman's face from a magazine. I had never attempted to do a tape transfer of this size, but Frieda inspired me! You can see the lines of the tape as I had to overlap them, but I still think it looks alright. I like how you can can see the words of the Greek Vocabulary page very faintly through her skin. Below is the entire spread. This moleskine is about 5 x 8", so the full spread you see below is about 10" x 8". Click on any picture for more detail. 

On the left side of the page I used a background technique I learned in the class I am taking: Collage Coterie Online Workshop. Before taking this class I have never used a charcoal pencil in my mixed media collage work! Here you see how I enjoyed using it. On the right I used rubber stamps with Distress Ink to softly spell out some meaningful words. Can u see??
This spread I've done makes me think of the song by Robert Hunter . . . "Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world..."   : ^ )