sketchbook project 10.30.10

I carved a space out among the boxes waiting to be unpacked in my studio and really enjoyed working on this spread in my sketchbook. It is very mixed-media and very "lenna-like" with lots of different things to see. Click on any photo or scan for more detail. Thanks for looking! I think this spread is weird and wonderful . . . a scan of the whole spread below:

I stitched on the edge of this new spread and so also stitched on the previous page, shown below. When I added a pink water soluble pastel to my new pages, the color seeped through the stitching holes to the thread now on the previous page - a surprise! 

On the photographs above and below that show the edges you can see all the little bits of paper I like to leave sticking out just for interest! 


You can see how thick my sketchbook is getting and how devoted to my art our dogs Asia & Chloe are! You can see more of their bandannas here!

A close up of my collage work -click for detail. The mermaid is stamped on fabric that was printed with one of my own  photographs. It was a test piece for ATCs made earlier this year that I found in one of my collage boxes.

To start my spread, I used one of the cemetery images I photograped for Lisa's skinny page. It is printed on a transparency and I laid it over handmade paper on the left.

A close of of the left hand side. I used handmade paper embedded with leaves.

I found this rusty piece on one of my walks earlier this year and was thrilled to have a use for it! An old color slide was glued on top of it. Both of these items were in a collage box where I stash things to work with later. Again, click for DETAILS!

happy to share this with you . . .  lenna