Jeunne et Noir ATCs

Another set of color combo ATCs for colour groupies and this time I sent early!! Will wonders never cease? Amazingly, my yellow & black --or Jeunne et Noir as Frieda likes to say ; ^ ) all arrived quickly, so I am here before the month is half way over to share my April color combos with you. Here is a photo diary of my process.

Starting with watercolor paper for my ATCs and Golden Yellow Dye-Na-Flow.

Brushing the Dye-Na-Flow on I got an idea . . .

Let's trying adding coarse salt to the wet paint.

letting the paint dry

and the salt soak up some of the paint

my studio mascots!

The left ATC still has salt - The right one, the salt is brushed off

All the salt brushed off -see the patterns left behind?

Let's get down to business! 

The backs . . . 

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